How many favors do I order?

I am thinking about doing the mason jar glasses as favors and allowing the guests to use those to drink out of. Do I order enough favors for everyone that I invited (175), just the estimated number of guests (100), or wait for RSVPs? I was thinking about just ordering the estimated number, plus some extra. I don't want to be left with 30 mason glass jars afterwards. 

We actually may not even do favors, but if we do, this is our idea!

Re: How many favors do I order?

  • Do you need to provide your own drinking glasses at your reception?  If no, use what is provided or get the mason jar glasses if you really like the look, but I don't think you should make used glasses your favor.  They will be sticky and dirty from being used and people won't want to put that in their cars and take them home and then have to wash it.  Plus people will prefer something edible if you do a favor; many do not like to take one random, mismatched glass home.

    If you do need to buy drinking glasses you will need a lot.  You might have some luck trying to sell them after your wedding instead of giving them away.  If you want to try to give them away, there is no harm in putting up a sign that says people can take them home.  I went to a wedding that had a table with the lids and a sign that said to take it home.  I left it there.  I didn't really consider it a favor and it wasn't something I wanted.

    Of course, as you mentioned favors are optional so you don't need to do anything if you don't want to.

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    Here's a thought: 

    A wedding I attended used mason jars as guests' glasses for the evening and as part of the favor. Each place setting had a mason jar stuffed with ingredients for s'mores, a straw, and a tag explaining it was the drinking glass and favor all in one. I thought it was cute. 

    I'd nix giving just the glass as a favor --- I'm sorry, but I think that's weird. Better to have no favors at all.  
  • My question was how many to order. Whether we do mason jars or something else, how do I decide how many to buy?
  • if possible, wait for rsvp's.  if not, i would order at least 20% more than your expected guest count.  I don't know your circumstances, but your anticipated count seems REALLY low.  You are assuming 43% of people will say no.  

    fwiw, i agree with the other ladies, and would not want or take home this favor.
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    If you do mason jars, please put something in them. I would have no use for a random mason jar glass by itself. 

    You need to make sure to order enough for everyone to have one. I prepared our favors early so I wouldn't be doing them at the last minute, so I did one for everyone invited. We had lots left as a result, but that's the beauty of edible favors. People are more willing to take the extras of them and we were more than happy to have them to eat at home as well. 

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    My question was how many to order. Whether we do mason jars or something else, how do I decide how many to buy?
    We waited for the RSVPs to start coming in.  We counted the number of "yes" responses received at that point and then counted everyone that didn't respond as a "yes" for the purpose of ordering.  Then we added in a few extra.  We ordered one per guest.  In the end, we over-ordered by about 20 (we also had to postpone the wedding so we additional declines), but it was chocolate, so I wasn't the least bit concerned.  :)

    I would not do a mason jar.  It's not something I would want as a guest (not a fan of a random glass!) and I'm sure you're going to have a lot left over.  Edible is usually a crowd pleaser.  Good luck!
  • If you intend for people to use these as their glass for the night, will they be able to have it washed for them, or switch to a clean one if they change drinks? I wouldn't want to drink wine out of a glass that just had Diet Coke in it (not that I would want to drink wine out of a mason jar at all). I'm generally opposed to the entire idea but to the question of how many, I'd say at least 2 per guest to account for drink switching. You WILL have LOTS leftover though because not everyone wants one or two random mason jar glasses, or to take a sticky glass home in their purse.

    We're going to do a little bag of jelly beans as one of our favors, with one set at each place setting, so we're ordering one per person invited (250). We're also having mini potted succulents as escort cards, one per invitation sent (135). We may also have a basket of coffee packages for people to take if they want it, so we'll go somewhere in the middle (probably 200). We know we may end up with a lot of leftovers, so we picked all things we'd have some use for.

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