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Photo404 - Reviews

Has anyone used Photo404 Atlanta before? I have been searching online for reviews, but I haven't found any reviews anywhere!
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Re: Photo404 - Reviews

  • pokepoke27pokepoke27
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    Wow, look how clever you are. You are the first person ever to think "Hmm, why don't I sign up to a wedding website and spam their boards so I don't have to actually pay for advertising." Good for you, being all creative.

    Yeah, go away and pay for advertising like everyone else. Just so you know, I've reported all of your posts and hopefully you'll get kicked off the site some time soon ; )
  • jaykmayjaykmay
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    actually, i just received an email from the knot.com being a local sponsor for photo404atl myself.  I, too, was unable to find any reviews. So i also have the same question. 

    and, no, this is not spam. 
  • I am using Photo404 for my wedding in Sept. We just did an engagement shoot a week ago. They are very good, professional and very well priced. They used to be "The Photography Shoppe" but they changed management or something, I think. I highly recommend them.
  • In Response to Photo404 - Reviews:
    [QUOTE]Has anyone used Photo404 Atlanta before? I have been searching online for reviews, but I haven't found any reviews anywhere!
    Posted by Princesslilyval[/QUOTE]

    I had the same question as well.  I'm having difficulty getting responses from them in a timely manner.  Is this normal?  Are they worth it or should I move on?
  • I am using Phot404atl for my wedding in September as well. I have not had a problem getting in touch with them. I even have their lead photographers (Jenna) cell phone number and shes been great. The longest it has taken for her to get back to us has been a day. We did our engagement pics in December on the coldest day of the year and she was out there with us the entire time like a trooper.
  • I think they recently started this branch of the company.  They also have a branch in Birmingham.  We used them for our wedding in July and loved them.  Jenna is great to work with and we had a blast shooting with them.  Looking through my pictures now (for the millionth time :) and they are amazing.  Highly recommend them.
  • In Response to Photo404 - Reviews:
    [QUOTE]Has anyone used Photo404 Atlanta before? I have been searching online for reviews, but I haven't found any reviews anywhere!
    Posted by Princesslilyval[/QUOTE]

    As a member of a highly customer service oriented industry myself, I am normally not the type to complain or out-right bash other businesses.  Unfortunately, an unresolved issue with photo404 has left me very frustrated and feeling the need to let those seeking a wedding photographer know what they are in for with this business.  I agree with the previous posts; Jenna is AMAZING.  Her work is beautiful, she is highly patient and communicative and she was a pleasure to work with.  As for actually receiving my albums?  7 months after actually ordering my album and 30 days after countless emails to photo404, I have yet to receive a SINGLE response as to where my album actually is, or if it has even been, or is in the process of being, produced.  The contact at photo404 always responds, but directs me to some gmail address to request status of the album.  After 3 weeks of no response, I finally requested the phone # for the album production office, of which, when called, no one ever answers, they simply ask you to leave a detailed message and they will EMAIL YOU BACK.  I have yet to receive that email.  Nor have I received my photo album, MOB & MOG albums, or Canvas print though I dutifully paid my balance in full by the date due.  I hope that this situation can be resolved soon, although based on my experience, I highly doubt that I will hear from them anytime soon.  If I do, I will happily re-post, singing their praises.  :(
  • 88jessicaj88 - I'm having the same problem now with the photo albums.  We ordered ours in September, and still have not received them.  Getting them to email back a response about what is going on is nearly impossible.  I send emails to the address they gave me and don't here back for days.  I email again and finally hear back, but they almost seem bothered by my emails (maybe if you replied the first time I sent you the email, or heck, even sent a preemptive email "Sorry it's taking so long to get your albums..." you wouldn't be so annoyed at my constant emails).  Anyway, the last contact I had with them they said that the company they used to bind the albums closed that they're looking for a new one.  Well gee...

    The photographers are awesome, but clearly the actual office is poorly run.  I thought so favorably of the company at first, but now after waiting on my albums for 9 months my opinion has completely changed.  Do not use them!
  • emgomez13-

    I'm sad to hear that this same thing is happening to someone else!  It is not over a year past my Wedding date and I have just received an email stating that they are ready to mail me the wedding album and one parent album from my order.  I inquired as to when the canvas print and other wedding album that I ordered would be mailed and they told me they never got those other orders when I have an email from them clearly stating that they had received them after emailing them TWICE!  I've been told by the owner that they no longer have access to the importer they have been using from China to get this special paper to make the albums.  I'm sorry, but REALLY?!?!  I agree with everyone else, Jenna is amazing, highly personal, super talented and a pleasure to work with, but what good does it do for you to have awesome photos taken that you never receive???

  • I'm curious...how long have you waited for your actual albums/prints to be delivered to you?
  • I also used this company for my wedding photos and that was on June 2012, we have not received our albums and have been experiencing the same issues as everyone else. I would highly recommend NOT utilizing this company. If you want to be ignored and await over one year to receive your photos. It has left me and my husband with less than a desirable experience. PLEASE DO NOT ACQUIRE THIS COMPANY!!
  • Well folks, just thought I'd update you...balance paid in full as of June 2012 and as of November 2013 I am still missing 1 Parent Album from my original order.  Have emailed the office as they do not correspond by phone, and it has now been over 41 days since that email and I have yet to receive a response.  SO DISAPPOINTED
  • Just thought I should provide an update from my last post on November 2013; I have finally received a response from photo404 (email, not even the courtesy of a phone call) and supposedly the last album for the mother of the groom is on it's way.  That's right, it's almost April in 2014, my wedding and the payment in full to photo404 was completed in July of 2012 and I am just now receiving the final wedding album to complete my order.  SUPPOSEDLY.  I'll post again to let you know if that ever actually happens.  Worst $2000 spent EVER.
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