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Casa Loma Ballroom or Thaxton?

Hello.  Just got engaged over Christmas, and am still not sure about a date or anything.  The only thing I know for certain is that we are POOR.  I was doing some digging around online today and found the Casa Loma Ballroom site.  It seemed possibly, reasonably priced?  I also think that my grandparents used to go dancing there back in the day, so it would be a nice touch.  Anyone have any experiences with this?  I also love the look of the Thaxton.  Any reports on this one?


Re: Casa Loma Ballroom or Thaxton?

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    Never checked out Casa Loma when I was looking. Checked on the Thaxton. Its small and too expensive in my opinion for a place with limited parking.  Email them, they will send you a menu and price list.

    If you want to still be in the city, check out Jim Edmonds 15, Moulin Events.

    Congratulations! and Happy Planning!
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    the Moulin is really expensive for limited parking and not very easy access to there rooms. I thought i wanted a reception downtown and found out that is is very expensive. I have now found a place out in westport which is much more afforadable
  • carrier76carrier76 member
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    What place in Westport?

    I'm really concerned about money.  Thinking about how to afford all of this is really depressing and making my planning very un-fun!
  • kdbisopkdbisop member
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    Try the DeMenil Mansion. I had my reception there this past October and it was wonderful. The owner was helpful land accommodating. I t was also reasonable.
  • SLUmagpieSLUmagpie member
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    Oh gawd am I ever with you!  Stressful!!  We've chosen the Mad Art Gallery. It's the old District 3 police station at the corner of 12th and Lynch in Soulard.  Very fun space.  It has an outdoor courtyard that you can use for a ceremony, if that's what you're looking for.  It's $2,000 to rent, but you have your choice of their catering staff, which let's you build from scratch, or to use an outside caterer.  That definitely gives you more freedom to shop around and find the best option.  Mad Art does all of its own alcohol, stating at $18 per person for an open bar.
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    If it is between those two, I'd go Thaxton all the way.  It has amazing character and you can do lots of options with the owners- my best friend was going to get married there.  They were flexible and easy to work with for her, and that is so key.

    I talked repeatedly to the DeMenil Mansion man and he was so pushy and demanding about certain things I was completely turned off.  I visited anyway because I loved the pictures and quickly realized my 6'3" fiance (now husband) would not have fit inside any of the rooms- much less his 6'7" brother.  It is TINY.
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    Casa Loma is great if u want to spend a fortune to make it look nice, or if u want it to look/smell like a bar during the reception. I thought I wanted it there and I drove to the location and didn't even want to go in. It's on a state street if that means anything to you ;)
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