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July 2014 Weddings

Bridesmaid Gifts

Just ordered my bridesmaids gifts! I'm really excited about them. I got cute chevron beach bags and then I'm going to put different little things in each of them like sunglasses, flip flops, lip gloss, gift cards, etc. Plus, a thank you card of course!

Can't wait to give them to the girls at the rehearsal dinner!

What are you all getting your girls to say thank you?

Re: Bridesmaid Gifts

  • Great ideas.  Where did you get your chevron print bags?

    For my girls I am doing a thank you card (obviously) and I bought the jewlry for the wedding day, I am buying them thermal wine totes (my girls love some wine), and was debating on buying them silk robes, but not 100% set on those yet.  I love the idea of the giftcards that you mentioned above.

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  • I got the bags off of Etsy. They have tons of cute ones. I checked around at Target and other places, but couldn't find any as cute or for a better price ($20 each).

    Love the idea of the wine totes! I think its nice too the get them something they can use after the wedding too. Robes would be great for pictures, but I don't think I'd wear one any other time.
  • afaber24 said:
    Robes would be great for pictures, but I don't think I'd wear one any other time.
    Yeah, that was kind of my thought too!! :)
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  • As per etiquette standards, I shopped for my girls the way I would shop for their birthdays. I got my fsil some high end jewellery (bracelet and earrings), my MoH a bright red purse (she's always wanted one) and a handmade scarf, 2 other girls also got purses to suit their own personal tastes, and then I got another a nice leather wallet from cabella's (her favourite store) with a hemp buff/scarf (she's a hippy and a hunter so best of both worlds! Lol).


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