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I have 65 pounds to lose by Oct. Anyone want to be an accountability partner?

Last year I lost 65 pounds in 7 months. This year I'd like to do the same. My plan is to go on strict diet and exercise, eating healthy but delicious foods. I've got some workout machines at home, workouts to do without a machine or gym membership and recipes to share. I'd like to work with someone or a group of brides who have similar goals in mind and are willing to work hard at it. This is my dream wedding to my dream man and I want to look the best I've ever looked. We can email each other, text message or if you have any ideas on keeping in touch. Hopefully I'll find a great group of motivated brides to share this journey with.

Re: I have 65 pounds to lose by Oct. Anyone want to be an accountability partner?

  • I would like to lose 48 lbs by October as well. My wedding isn't until February, but I have been trying to lose this weight for a while. I would be happy to give and receive some tips and motivations :)

  • That's pretty awesome that you already lost so much weight!  65 pounds is a lot to lose in 8 months (it ends up being a little over 2lbs per week), which, depending on how much you have to lose, could get really tough (I've been trying to lose the last 5 lbs for months and months).  Just make sure you do it the healthy way and set achievable goals for yourself-it sounds like you have a solid plan and know how to do it successfully (since you did it last year!)  Good luck!
  • That's so great! I too would like to achieve my goal of 70 lbs by October for my wedding. I just bought Bridalicious Boot Camp and should be getting it in the mail next week. I have been exercising and making healthy choices for about 4 months now but I am so ready to do it right this time.
  • Congrats on your previous weight loss!

    I think accountability groups are great as long as the people keeping you accountable can stay accountable ;) lol
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  • I'll bite. I'm trying to lose at least 60lbs. Let's get it going!
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  • Great.  Do you ladies have any ideas of how you'd like to communicate? I can start an emailer or look in to doing a group chat on an app. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I'm ready to get this started!
  • I'm in too. I want to lose 35 - 45 pounds before October!! I can do emails, but texts may be helpful too... like daily reminders to eat better.
  • I have no idea about communication but we should get something started soon. Valentine's Day was killer! lol
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  • You can make an online private Facebook group!! Im in one and it has helped soooo much! I'm actually doing this program called 21 dat fix in my challenge group! It's a fun way to communicate and make new friendships (even if their online!)
  • Im totally in! I need to lose at least 60 lbs but hope to lose more by October. My wedding isn't until Feb but I need to get motivated and serious now or it won't happen. I could do text, email, or the facebook group sounds great. For me motivation is key!
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    Im in, I need to lose like...80+ by May 2015....So doing 70 by October would be amazing. Just started my first day at the gym yesterday. I don't have a Facebook i dunno ... @aileen200420
  • Count me in too! I My goal is 35 lbs by July, so that I can get my dress altered for my August wedding! I need people to help keep my on track :)




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  • I'm in the same boat as freehugs015...I'm in!
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  • Can we start this soon? I'm getting married in 7 months from today and I'm starting to freak out lol.

    If anyone wants to get started on this ASAP, email me:  [email protected]

  • I too am definitely in. Want to lose 60 lbs or more by January and I am having such a hard time getting started and sticking to it. This is a great plan. Congrats to all of you on your weddings and I'm excited for us to get started :):)
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