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Found a Venue, but people are pushing us to look at other places.

HotFuzzSparksHotFuzzSparks member
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There are too many opinions in our wedding which isn't until summer 2016.
Fiance and I loved our last venue we looked at. It's a hotel and full service and not a party center.  The inlaws keep pushing to look at other places that we have no interest in. If I know this may be the place I want and I feel forced to go look at centers with a closed mind. I love the idea that my guests can enjoy the bar and a few can decide to stay the night instead of drive the hour home. They're also offering a full weekend for both of us. :) I'm also sick of hearing what a waste of money it is.

How do you tell people kindly to butt out?

Re: Found a Venue, but people are pushing us to look at other places.

  • It's tricky, especially if your inlaws are helping pay (even a little bit)! Also, everyone you talk to will think they are entitled to an opinion. Your coworkers, neighbors...just remember that they mean well. Listen to their ideas, thank them, tell them you'll look into it...even if you never plan to do so.

    As far as your inlaws go, pick your battles. Mine were VERY pushy and opinionated. If the venue is very important to you, stick to your guns. But keep in mind that down the line, you may have to compromise with them on smaller things...invitations, shower ideas, table arrangements, etc. Ask if they have concerns with the place you like, and if they don't then kindly tell them that this place is what you love and that it is ultimately your decision. Good luck :)
  • He who pays gets a say. If they aren't paying then book the venue of your choice. Learn to deal with you inlaws early on because these are the battles for the rest of your life. In this case I would simply say - this is the venue we have booked and it's going to be great.

  • Have your future inlaws seen this location that the two of you love? Take them. Tell them all the things that have you excited about it, small, practical, big... Everything. And then give them a break down comparison to other places on paper... When they see it, how excited you are about it and it in black and white it will be harder for them to object to it. (In theory anyways) good luck.
  • We have no problem saying this is what we want. Its just hard telling people nicely to butt out and trust our opinion :/
    The money my parents are helping with are whats paying for 80% of the venue and Fiance and I are paying for the rest. Inlaws haven't said anything about assistance towards anything. We've already started plannig this on our own budget, and the inlaws know how much my parents are offering to help.
  • Best phrase to help you get through the wedding planning process. Key is to say with a smile & to sound sincere "Thank you for the idea/information, I appreciate it. I'll check into that."

    Now if you do or don't follow up on some information someone gives you, that's up to you, but basically it's kind a way to someone to end the topic and not offend them either or as the popular phrase "bean dip" someone.

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