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Asheville Brides beware!

Please proceed with caution if you are considering having your wedding at the Biltmore. The staff there treated us in a very unprofessional manner and we will not be having our wedding there.

Re: Asheville Brides beware!

  • @VickiGK  I'm sorry that you did not have a good experience. I'm not here to defend The Biltmore Estate but I just got married there less than 2 weeks ago and my event was FLAWLESS (and I am a tough critic, believe). Everything was executed to (better than) my exact specifications and the service was unbelievable--from my initial point of contact to the day of execution.

    I know this is not a forum for review, but I did feel the need to say something lest this be the only thing out there.
  • Glad your wedding went well! They were absolutely awful to us so wanted other brides to know. I would never send anyone there.
  • Could you elaborate on your treatment? The Biltmore isn't under consideration for us, but other people might need more information...
  • Another vote for more info here, please. My fiancée has her heart entirely set for our ceremony at the Biltmore next October. If there are some specific experiences can be shared (no names), I think it would be more helpful!
  • We looked in the Biltmore for our wedding and they were nice enough but a little inflexible- you have to have certain decorations, etc.  It's to preserve the integrity of the space, which I get, but it wasn't for us.

    Also, they were unable to give us much privacy for the ceremony.  They could guarantee that tourists wouldn't actually be walking through the ceremony, but warned us that some might be wandering around the area where the ceremonies take place and could possibly show up in our photos.  
    photo a9462148-4aa2-44d9-90ce-7f8b4d94b393_zps20ae9070.jpg
  • I noted above, I got married at The Biltmore. My location was indoors (in the champagne cellar) and I was not restricted on decor, forced to use any specific vendors, etc. They have a list that they will provide but other than my hair person, I didn't use anyone else on it.

    As far as the privacy/tourists in my pictures thing, I did not experience any problems here either. I think anytime that you are holding an event/taking photos in an extremely public place, this may be something you would encounter though. Most people are smart enough to give a bride/groom/wedding party some space and a good photographer will also be able to navigate around this. I did have a few curious bystanders watching from a distance at time but I honestly didn't mind. (And I am NOT an AW either)

    Lest my personal experience be my only illustration, I also attended another wedding at The Estate a week ago. This wedding had about 75 guests and was held on the Vista at The Inn (outdoors). There were a handful of people at a distance (several hundred yards) and apparently some people looking on from their guestrooms, but at no point did it ever feel like a spectacle or circus or that I was present at anything other than the wedding of my dear friends.

    I will say that October is The Biltmore's VERY busy season and I was there one weekend that month meeting with vendors, doing cake tasting, etc and it was pretty crowded in general. I saw probably half a dozen brides taking photos on different parts of the grounds in just a few hour window. That being said, they manage the photography schedules as well to make sure brides are able to have their space without it being a "bridal carousel" with everyone waiting to take pictures on the lawn, etc. But if crowded is something you are concerned with know that when considering the month of October. Friday or Sunday may offer you more flexibility (in terms of less weddings on property that day) but the grounds will likely still have quite a bit of foot traffic.
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