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Danish Bride-to-be looking for inspiration


I'ma Danish Bride-to-be, and I found this site while looking for Wedding Cakes online. And now I am here to let out my inner BrideZilla (just kidding). 

I'm getting married on September 27th, 2014 and my H2B and I will celebrate our 12½ year anniversary that day. The 12½ year (wedding) anniversary - also known as the Copper Anniversary in Denmark - is quiet an important anniversary. It is generally celebratedwith some sort of party for family and friends of the couple. 

So we thought it would be veryromantic and symbolic to tie the knot on that specialday.

Re: Danish Bride-to-be looking for inspiration

  • I love incorporating family traditions! I am Polish and will be adding a few things to my wedding day as well. It will make it different from the other weddings, and be meaningful to my guy and myself. Are you looking to have a Copper theme??
  • No, we are not looking to have a Copper theme, but theme weddings of any sort are generally not very common in Denmark. I think. 

    Actually we'll be having a potluck wedding at a local assembly room (this was the best word I could use to translate the Danish word, but it does not describe it very well). 
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