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Escort/Place Cards

Hi Girls! I just recently started thinking about escort/place cards. I was going to use the magnetic frames that I bought for the photobooth as the escort cards, but I decided against it because the frames are a little different than I thought they were when I ordered them. But no big deal...I've decided to place the frames at each place setting and use more traditional escort cards.

So my question is, where did you get yours? Did you print them at home or hire someone or did you use a calligrapher? I would prefer to print mine myself, but I'm open.

Or, do you have any other simple ideas rather than using the traditional folded place cards?

Thanks for all the advice in advance!!

Re: Escort/Place Cards

  • you could have a board of some kind (chalkboard or posterboard or something that matches your theme/decor) listing every person's name and then what table they are at, and then since youre going to put frames at each place setting anyway you can have their names in the frames at a specific seat.  just an idea!
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  • edited May 2012
    Our venue had tons of easels for guests to use, so I did a fabric board (I wanted something different than the traditional folded cards, too!)

    I got the board at Michaels (I think it was one of those tri-fold poster boards???), the fabric at Joann's, and printed the cards myself from paper that I got from Target (business card template - 3 bucks a box!).  I also bought map pins (basically those tacks with the colored ball at the end; ours was brown). In the top center of the board (where the huge empty space is) I made a sign that said "find your name and take a seat" or something like that :)

  • Those are both really good ideas!! Thank you both so much! I had been thinking about a board, but since we are having a sit down dinner, I didnt know how I would do that with the meals. Ginny, your fabric board is the best of both worlds and it looks awesome!
    Thanks again girls!
  • I ordered these cute button ones from Etsy.com The vendor was ohmelisa.
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  • Flowerstar1023 - was ohmelisa a local vendor? If so, I volunteer with her! How cool :)

    and jm - do you have a theme or anything specific you're using for inspiration? There are soooo many non-traditional options. For example, my FI proposed w/a handmade bird house, so we're incorporating bird cages and bird houses into our theme. I found some cute little tea light holder bird cages that have a little slit where you can put a little card in front. My FI found tiny bird houses for a dollar that we can paint and write the names/table numbers on.

    I like the chalkboard and easel ideas as well. I've also seen nice window panes where people wrote the names and table numbers on w/a marker for glass.
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  • Hi futurekehrs! Yes, she is a local vendor. She did an awesome job and I was so happy with the placecards. I don't have a picture of them on hand since we only got married 10 days ago (seems like 1 day ago since we've been busy with that and family and graduation), but she can be searched on Etsy.

    Also futurekehrs, if you're still interested in the Aviary (which it sounds like you might be from the cards), lemme know and I'll send you whatever info you need. Just PMed you back! :) We're leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow but can send you an email when we get back! We absolutely LOVED our wedding there!
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  • Congrats! And thank you. I think it's awesome any time someone is able to utilize a local vendor!

    Have fun on your honeymoon :)
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  • Our friends tied seating cards onto cake pops...it was pretty sweet, tbh!  I want to do something similar, although I was thinking a chocolate covered pretzel.
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