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I pod?

To save on money my fi and I were thinking of creating a playlist on the ipod and hooking that up instead of hiring a Dj. We have someone to make all the announcements so that part is fine but has anyone done this and has it worked out well? Also the venue is fairly small so I really don't want a Dj table set up but will if need be. Also this isn't a music question but has anyone had the bartender put out a tips jar and should I allow it if gratuity has already been added to my bill?

Re: I pod?

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    To the iPod thing, I was wondering the exact same thing, FI and I really hate the stuff that's on the radio so I feel like if I had a DJ my do not play list would be pages long, lol.  
    To the tips thing, no tip jar.  You're tipping the bartender, they don't need double tips, and your guests should not be expected to take out their wallets at any point.  It's considered rude if they have to pay for stuff- I've also heard a horror story about a bartender guilting guests into putting tips in the tip jar they weren't even supposed to put out in the first place!  One guest went all the way back to their car to get money because the bartender made them feel so bad and they were very embarrassed.  Needless to say the bride was not happy to find out about this.  
  • We used a laptop and Spotify to DJ our own wedding and it worked out really well. Just make sure you can hook it up to a professional sound system so it's loud enough. If you want people to dance, take care to put a lot of popular dance songs from all eras on your playlist.
  • I would say to play off a computer rather than the iPod itself and have someone assigned to judge the "mood" of the party and switch up the playlist if needed, i.e. if you need to throw in a few slow songs, speed things up, play a request or two, etc. 

    I used to help my ex DJ at a bar...well, he would just set it on a playlist and leave me sitting there while he went to go talk to people, but pretty quickly you could tell it got stale and people weren't excited about what was being played, so I'd have to mix it up a little bit. (Yes, he was a terrible DJ and even worse boyfriend, lol!)

  • I am thinking of doing this same thing. although we have a DJ thats really cheap, our venue needs us not to play loud music until after 9. Cant see paying 100.00/hr for background music.
  • I'm considering this too. My fiance was a DJ and is persnickety about his fellow professionals. My worry is that he won't leave it alone and then default back to DJ mode. So I think we'll have to suck it up and pay for one. :|
  • FI and I are considering this too. We are on a tight budget and feel that we can't afford a DJ and fear the requests some of our guests might make (some of them only listen to inappropriate music).

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