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Good Afternoon: 

I gave the option of RSVPing on our website to the last 20 (or so) guests that had not yet responded via mail.  Now I am finding that people are RSVPing on our website, and we are not getting notified via email.  This is a huge problem.  I’m not going to aggravate my guests by asking them, “Did you RSVP yet???”, or telling them they have to do it again. 

What is the solution?  Are you able to see who has responded on our site? Our RSVP due date is only 3 days away.  I would appreciate a response as soon as possible.  Thank you!


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    What you should be doing is waiting for your RSVP date to pass (by about 3-5 days) and then call up each person who has not RSVPd to see if they are coming or not.

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