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Hey Everyone,

This is my first time posting on this community board so if there is already a post like this please excuse me as I could not find it. I am a Las Vegas local and I have ZERO interest in getting married down on the strip, in a hotel or in a little chapel. I was wondering if there are any other locals out there that know of a unique wedding venue in town, please let me know! Thank you :)

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  • Welcome!! I'm also a Vegas local - what kind of venue are you looking for? Big? Small? Any particular vibe/theme? My FI and I weren't interested in a strip/chapel wedding either - We are getting married at the Veil Pavillion at Silverton, for what it's worth. We wanted everything at one location (lots of out of town guests). If you tell us a bit more about what you are looking for hopefully we can offer some suggestions! :) 
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  • If you check out, they have a few different ideas outside/around Las Vegas! We're getting married at the Valley of Fire. 
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  • Thanks guys! Well I'm not getting married until next October so I'm still in super early planning mode but I kind of want something medium sized and rustic, I really want a barn or garden but none of those here :/
  • Thanks guys! Well I'm not getting married until next October so I'm still in super early planning mode but I kind of want something medium sized and rustic, I really want a barn or garden but none of those here :/

  • Have you looked at the Springs Preserve? I do not know anything about it other than what is on their website, but it looks very nice. I would look into it for me, but I will likely be getting married in the summer-so too hot.
  • Check out Legends Ranch! They host weddings but also actually do horse boarding so definitely a barn. There's also Vegas Sands Ranch. We considered Spring Mountain State Park too. Springs Preserve has more restrictions regarding vendors, I remember that from when we were venue hunting.
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  • Oh wow tcnoble those are all places I've never heard of! Thank you everyone for your suggestions it's all really helpful!!
  • Hi and welcome! I have nothing to add, everyone else mentioned the locations I was going to say! :)
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  • Couple other options:

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  • aharrah518  Tule Springs! It's got historic buildings, ponds and trees, and peacocks. 

    Otherwise try:

    Bonnie Springs Ranch, just after Springs Preserve.

    Wetlands Park on the far east side.

    Ethel M's cactus garden - not sure about room and if they'd do it, but you could certainly ask.

    Sunset Park could be really pretty near the water.

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    There are all sorts of amazing "off the beaten" track and unique options for you!
    • World Market Center has beautiful rooftop terraces and modern indoor spaces
    • The Hangar at Sky Combat Ace (this one is INCREDIBLE, especially if you like airplanes and industrial style venues) 
    • Historic 5th Street School
    • Spring Mountain Ranch
    • Red Rock Canyon has two dedicated wedding sites
    • Neon Museum, Discovery Children's Museum, Smith Center, Arts Factory and all sorts of amazing downtown options
    • UNLV has some amazing options at VERY affordable prices and are often overlooked
    • Also, there are some fantastic country clubs. I did the Springs Preserve thing, and was never interested in golf club weddings previously, but now, a few years on, they are definitely something I would consider! 
    Here are even more options, organized by wedding "style":

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  • Thank you kazzy and cirena166! I will definitely be looking in to those ... you guys brought up a few that I COMPLETELY spaced out and never crossed my mind! Thank you :)
  • I emailed Legends Ranch, which is perfect if you want rustic, but they charge $4,000 just for the venue alone, exclusive of anything else, so that was immediately eliminated from my choices. 

    There's Floyd Lamb State Park, but make sure you research permits and licenses for use... 

    I also would suggest Mt. Charleston for a rustic wedding as well, but it's a drive out of town. 

    One of my top choices is definitely Springs Preserve, however, they require that you hire a wedding planner. 
  • Mrssoundguy Thank you for letting me know that about Legends Ranch .. I have not been able to figure out how to contact them at all! Could you let me know what email you used? I have a couple side questions I would like to ask as well. I am thinking of looking in to springs preserve as well now because I heard the price point is reasonable. I don't live too far from Mt Charleston so that would actually be a viable option for us ... I wonder if you can only get married at the lodge though. I will definitely be checking that out! Thank you
  • @aharrah518 I know I posted before with Legends Ranch as a suggestion, but after some conversations I have had this week, I would advise you steer clear of Legends Ranch. I know two people getting married there this month and have faced problem after problem with the owners/management. It has not been a great experience for them at all. Just an FYI! :) 
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  • @aharrah518 Charleston: You can get married either at the Resort lower on the mountain - they have a sweet gazebo and lawn for an outdoor ceremony - or at the Lodge higher up the mountain near the South Loop trailhead. The Resort is fancier, the Lodge is more bare-bones. Views are great from both. The Lodge has the cute little cabins, the Resort is a rustic hotel.

    Theoretically, if your officiant and guests were fit enough, you could get married on the trail somewhere, like at Mary Jane Falls. There's actually room up there for quite a few people.

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