Pre-wedding Parties

She got me...

Little sis/MOH was texting me this evening, to "run the bachelorette plans by me." Said they included a suite at a minor league baseball game 2 hours away from my house, with apps catered by (cr)Applebees, an 18-passenger bus driven by my BIL's dad, then bar-hopping in customized tank tops at a podunk town nearby. I told her it all sounded great, like "vintage Lolo" in my college days (was in the town where I went to college) and that it would be just lovely, but my only objection was to the plastic penis crown pic she texted me... to which she responded "OMG are you DRUNK? I WOULD NEVER DO ANY OF THIS TO YOU!" April Fools on Lolo, as it were. I told her I love her more than any stupid party and I would never go bridezilla on anything she planned for me!


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