Favor too small?

My wedding is in 2 weeks and I just started thinking about favors. I know a lot of favors get left behind or thrown out so I was thinking of chocolate from a local chocolate store. They do really cute shapes for practically anything you can think of. I know favors aren't really necessary anymore but I feel like we need something to thank our guests (besides the thank you cards that will get sent out when we return from honeymoon). My question is, is just a little piece of chocolate too dinky? Like, would it look stupid to have this one piece or should I get a few more to go with it?

If this is not enough, the store has little hearts or wedding bells. The "main" chocolate is just a rectangle that says "Thank you for sharing our joy" - picture is attached with someone holding it for size reference..I hope the picture shows up because I need some opinions! Thanks ladies!!

Re: Favor too small?

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I think that is perfectly fine. Favors aren't necessary so anything that you do should be appreciated. I also think chocolate is usually a pretty big hit with most people.
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    That size is perfectly fine!  I love that you're doing chocolate.  It's pretty much my favorite favor to receive.  :D
  • I think that's perfect!
  • All I did was a chocolate heart on a stick that was placed on each plate. I should have had 30 left over at the end of the night (even with putting them on the plates) but those disappered...lol.

    If you can, have your venue put one on each place to help insure the everyone gets one.

  • Thanks everyone! You've made me feel a lot better. The chocolate is about the size of a credit card, so a little bigger than I originally thought.

    I will definitely plan to have them at each setting so everyone gets one, thanks for the advice @Erikan73!
  • Chocolates are popular wedding favors. I don't think they are small, they are cute though. It is also economical to give the chocolate as wedding favors.
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