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Boudoir pics?

Has anyone here had them done? I really don't know much about them or who does them.

Re: Boudoir pics?

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    I am doing these. I found this photographer. She is in the Lansing area but the venue she is using is amazing.  Here is a link to her package page http://privateeyes.homestead.com/marathon.html
  • They were a part of our package - I just swapped them out for engagement pictures. Our photographers were J&E Fusion. I went to school with my photog and did the pictures at her place. I am really awkward and not sexy whatsoever so she definitely helped with a lot of the poses. It was hard work! I did them as a surprise for my H and he loved them. He is a cop and I borrowed a work shirt and his hat for the photos!
  • Has anyone here had them done? I really don't know much about them or who does them.
    I won a boudoir session with Jefferys Photographic in Brownstown at a bridal show. I had them done last month and I was eeally impressed. He had his female assistant in there the whole time, and he has a great studio set up, very private thousands of options. I brought one of FIs shirts and his guitar and a nightie that he got me for Christmas for a few different outfits. My favorite picture actually is one he took of me with the shirt and my jeans on standing with my back to the camera kinda facing around my shoulder. After dealing with some body issues (2 kids, stretch marks etc) and losing 60 lbs in the last two years I still look in the mirror and see where I was when I weighed 180 + lbs so I think that the experience would have been worth paying for just to see someone be able to take gorgeous pictures of me where I didn't see a lot of my flaws. The camera didn't pick them up. It did pick up the fact that I never realized how much I look like my moms sister without my glasses on lol so that was kind of a surprise. I say go for it and if you don't like the pictures, don't order those ones. 
  • I did a few years ago with Nicole Mehelich Photography... she's awesome. 
    (full disclosure - she's one of my BFFs) :) 

    https://www.facebook.com/NicoleMehelichPhoto (her main site is getting redesigned right now so I think it's down)

  • I had mine done at the Boudoir Loft in Ferndale. Kim did a really good job with the pics, and she was super friendly and made everything comfortable. I don't think I would have done it without the Groupon though, it seemed pricey. Plus, I added hair and airbrush makeup, which was an extra $120.

    They've got another Groupon going right now: http://www.groupon.com/deals/the-boudoir-loft-7
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