Barcelona catering?

Has anyone been to a wedding or have used Barcelona as their caterers? They are my fave restaurant but I'm not sure how their catering services would be.

Re: Barcelona catering?

  • I haven't been somewhere where Barcelona caters, but oh my god that would be freaking delicious.

    I love Barcelona.. sooo delicious!
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  • Mmm I LOVE Barcelona! I haven't been either, but if you're really interested they may be able to let you visit some weddings they are catering that are coming up. I know my caterer was able to do that.

    *I didn't get to eat the food - I did that at my tasting, but I did get to see their set-up and service.
  • i just had my shower at their restaurant this past weekend and it was AMAZING!  they always go above and beyond (my family has had a few private events at their sono location).  their standards are very high, and i am sure their catering is terrific!
  • That would be amazing, their food is fabulous!
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