Popcorn Bar - boxes or bags?

Hi Girls, 
I am looking for some opinions.... We are doing fresh popped popcorn (big carnival type popcorn machine) as a late night snack/favor. My fiance and I are both obsessed with popcorn so this is very fitting for us. I have been search HIGH AND LOW for kraft paper popcorn boxes and I can't find them anywhere. That's a lie....I found some on the Tomkat Studio (link below), but they are too pricey:http://shoptomkat.com/item_996/Scallop-Favor-Boxes--Kraft-Brown.htm 

Oriental trading and all the other party supply places have popcorn boxes in a bunch of colors, but not in that "paper bag" looking color (aka kraft paper). I will settle for white if we have to, but the paper bag look matches our rustic wedding very well. My first question for you gals: Does anyone know where I can find kraft paper popcorn boxes at a reasonable price? I'd rather them be slightly larger rather than those little 2x2 or 2x3 favor boxes, but I'll gladly take input if you know of a place. 

My other thought was to cut cost down completely and just do paper bags instead (brown lunch bags). I would cut the tops w/ scalloped scissors and put a label on the bag to dress it up, but I am very concerned about the butter/oil from the popcorn going through the paper bags and getting our guests all greasy and possibly staining people's dresses/suits. 

My second question is this: Has anyone used brown lunch bags/paper bags before with popcorn? Did the butter seep through and make a mess? Or was it totally fine and I am worried for no reason?!?!??! 

Thank you everyone for your help - much appreciated!

Re: Popcorn Bar - boxes or bags?

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