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photographer friend

we are planning on asking a good friend to do the photography since she is an absolutely awesome photographer

we plan on paying her even though she would probably do it for nothing

i did have one thought and i wanted to throw it out there to see what you ladies think...should we make a contract with her?
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Re: photographer friend

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    YES,YES,YES...you want to have a contract for every vendor.  I know that you probaly trust this person with your life...but sometimes the smallest minor details can be left out because a wedding day can be so hectic and the last thing that you need to worry about one your day is whether they are doing what you asked or agreed to have done. 

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    you should ABSOLUTELY have a contract. it not only protects you as clients but protects your friend as well.  the last thing you want is to get burned. also, please make sure she has liability insurance.... because you never know. 

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    YES! I have two friends doing my photography and I definitely have a contract with them. It's necessary to save your butt should anything happen/disagreements arise. I'm a law student so I can give a piece of advice: make sure you are detailed in your contract outlining everything....any form of ambiguity can be misconstrued. Oral contracts are also binding, but it's best to get it in writing.
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    Definitely have a contract, I have a friend who is a photographer, but i would never ask him to do my pictures, that's just me. If anything, i wouldn't want to ruin a friendship.
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