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So my question is do you really have to have uplighting? Is it a must have?

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  • No, it is certainly not a must have! It all sort of depends on the venue and the overall look and feel you are going for. 
  • I passed on it. I felt like it would have been nice to have, but also an easy thing to trim to say on budget.
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    What is up lighting?
  • It's just a way to make a Venue look a little fancier. They place colored lights on the floors around the edges of the room to light up the walls. Sometimes they can use them to give the party more of a dance club vibe by making the lights flash to the sound of the music, but that's not always the case.
  • @JennyColada Generally looks like this. Can be colored or white.  

    We are having some, mostly because when we booked our DJ we got a big discount on it and thought it would be fun.  I wouldn't say it is a must have, though.
  • I would say it's not a must have, and was definitely something extra we added because we had room in the budget.  I wasn't honestly considering them until I saw pictures of our venue with the uplights and it looks magical, so of course I had to have them.  They were sort of expensive but the quality is worth it and it comes with an on sight lighting designer who will stay the entire night.  For us it was a nice splurge where we've gone very budget friendly so far...so it's up to you and your FI.  But definitely not necessary. 
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  • Personally, I think up lighting makes the room look kinda cheesy.

    JMO though

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  • I sort of agree. If it's a venue that's already charming or beautiful, the up lighting could take away from that. I'm only getting up lighting because it was included in my dj package, and my venue could use a little something extra.
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