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I am living in South Florida, but am getting married in Columbia Station in July. The wedding is 107 days away, and I still haven't booked a DJ! I honestly don't know where to start my search. I would love any recommendations. We are going to have a pretty blended music selection- a mix of light alternative (for dinner), country, country line dancing songs, and dance/club music. We want to keep it family appropriate because there will be a lot of kids at our reception. Does anyone have great recommendations? Any advice would be sincerely appreciated!

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  • We used Jesse Webb and were very pleased. My husband and I did create a must play/do not play list and they stuck to it. They took guests' requests and played a good variety of music. And we had specified like, one polka, one Tarantella (Italian folk dance), two line dances....I know some of our older guests like that stuff even though it's not really my taste. I talked to Jesse a few days before the wedding and he reviewed our choices, made a few suggestions that ended up working out really well.

    The nice thing about the company is that Jesse and his wife Laura employ several others DJs and each reception gets an MC and a DJ. Our MC did a great job rounding up the bridal party and checking on name pronunciation. You may be in a bit of a time crunch, but since they have multiple people working, they may be able to fit you in.
  • Thank you @uszakk! I will reach out to them.
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    I used Magical Sound Entertainment. Tim Tatko has been in the business for many years and my husband's cousin and a colleague of mine also booked him. We paid $575 for six hours. Google him -- he has really great reviews. Tell him Megan sent ya :)

  • @LWade07 FI and I live in Florida as well and will be having our wedding in Ohio (August 2015).  We looked at Columbia Station but decided on Happy Days Lodge.  I am using Tim from Magical Sound Entertainment.  He has been great to work with so far and comes highly recommended.  
  • iI am using dusk till dawn dj. they are family owned and operated. iI can call, text, or email and they get back quickly if they dont answer right away when iI call. iI have a wedding website where iI can put a play list together and all the information that he needs for the night. iI found them through a different vendor and iI am glad because they charge $200 for 4 hours and $100 each additional. so iI am paying my dj $300 for the entire evening and iI read the reviews and people were happy with them. 
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