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When do I get there????

Alright, I feel a bit silly for asking this, but when should I arrive to my shower?

I've never been to a shower before. My FMIL is throwing me one,  and unless she tells me exactly when, what time should I arrive? Do I get there early, so I can greet the guests? Do I arrive punctually on time like I would to any other party? Or do I get there a little after all the other guests do? 

I'm assuming it's not late, because that seems rude to me. :/

Thanks ladies!
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Re: When do I get there????

  • I arrived at mine I think 15 minutes prior, that way I was there to greet guests as they arrived.  Don't be late for yes that is rude so as long as you give yourself enough time to be on time you are good 

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    I didn't have one, but I would definitely be there early. It will be super awkward for guests to get there if they don't really know anyone and the bride herself isn't even there. 
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  • I came about 45-30 minutes early to mine. I am one of those people who is ALWAYS late and I knew I couldn't be late for my own shower so I gave myself a ton of extra time--you definitely want to be there at least 15 minutes early.
  • My sister just had her shower and showed up 1 hour before and helped us set up. She did not want to be surprised and was very involved in her shower and needed to have control over everything so this was not that strange. Even though my mother and I threw her this shower she decided she wanted to be involved in the process. So arrive whenever you feel is right.
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  • Thanks ladies! It's at my FMIL's house, I spend a lot of time there anyway when we are in town, so I'll be sure to get there early. Y'all have really eased my mind.
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  • My MoH told me to get to my shower 15 mins late so that I would arrive after all the guests do. Lol
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    This is hard. Sometimes being early is a burden as the host is not fully set up and ready to receive you and your guests. I would plan to arrive right on time.
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