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Newly Engaged - is a wedding doable in 7 months?

Hey all I am recently engaged (YAY!) and was curious about how long does it take to plan a wedding?  Me and my fiancé are trying to pick dates.  We def. want an outside wedding for sure, but I don't really want to wait until next summer (a year and a half away).  We were thinking maybe September but that is only 7 months away.  Is that doable in planning a wedding or should I wait until next summer?  I have already started contacting venues to setup appointments to come look.  There are a few that I really love and I don't want to settle on something because everything else is already booked up.  Anyway any feedback would be awesome thanks!

Re: Newly Engaged - is a wedding doable in 7 months?

  • ShallowSeasShallowSeas Indianapolis, IN member
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    A September wedding is definitely do-able, but I would come up with a budget and guest list and then start booking vendors asap.  The venue was the first thing we booked. We are also getting married in September and we booked our venue in December because they were already starting  to fill up.  Book a venue, start looking at bakeries, and go dress shopping!
  • Totally doable. I know because I did it. Just contact things like venues, caterers, and photographers right away. They book up fast!
  • SmileDamnitSmileDamnit Mile High City member
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    I got engaged on 12/30/13 and our wedding is 7/19/14, so we're looking at six and a half month. Totally doable. It does depend on what kind of wedding you want though, as TwoDimes mentioned. We're having a small wedding, venue is a private residence, not a lot of pomp & circumstance. We are planning it from afar, though, so that's made it a bit trickier. 
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  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH member
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    It is doable (we did it!) but we had the advantage of having a winter wedding in Ohio.  Very few vendors we were interested in were already booked so that helped a lot.

    If you want to get married in peak wedding season you will need to be flexible about your location & vendors but it can be done!
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  • Going along with everyone else, it is definitely do-able. FI and I were in exactly your position when we got engaged. We both wanted to get married in warm weather (and have an outdoor reception), but didn't want to wait until summer of next year. Our original date was August 23rd, but the more we got to thinking about it, the more we wanted to be able to have exactly what we wanted.

    So, we ended up moving our wedding until March of next year. We have an advantage, though, living in Alabama. The weather is warm more months of the year than it's not, (It was 65*F day before yesterday), so that sort of worked out for us.

    If you have a basic idea in mind, and you're not too terribly picky about certain things, it's definitely do-able. My cousin planned a wedding in 3 months time. It was a small, intimate wedding at a local chapel, and the reception was held at a recreation center. It was lightly decorated and music was played on an iPod hooked up to some speakers.

    Mind you, you MAY end up having to buy your bridesmaids and wedding dress "off-the-rack", but again, if that's something that doesn't matter to you, it can also save you money. A win-win! :)
  • Another vote on the "agree" side, as I also did it. We started our planning in January 2011 and had our wedding in August 2011. Being that it was on a Friday we actually had no problem booking anything, the venue, photographer and DJ we wanted were all available the day of and we actually got some "you booked less than 6 months before your wedding" discounts that I did not know existed. Dresses weren't an issue for any of us either, I went with my maids in April and we all picked out dresses at David's that showed up a few weeks later. It can be done :)
  • You can totally do it! My FI and are planning our wedding in 3.5 months! The hardest part is the venue and dress, but if you're open to consignment dress boutiques (that's what I did) it will help take the time pressure off your shoulders. Pretty much, if you put your mind to it, you can make anything happen!
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio member
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    My brother and SIL planned their wedding in 6 months and I have 8 months to plan mine (as my venue only books 8 months in advance).

  • Engaged early April, married late October. 


    In my experience, the more simple the wedding, the easier to do.  We got married at a state park and it was on the our dating anniversary, which was a Friday. The Saturdays were booked up, and this was in a place/venue where the bookings weren't years in advance like some place. 

    Start looking now.

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  • littledog25littledog25 member
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    edited February 2014

     We got engaged, and had our wedding 60 days later. I still managed to get my top pick in venue, caterer, and photographer. We had gorgeous decor, I got the dress of my dreams, and our whole wedding party looked fantastic.  

     So yeah, I'd say seven months is easily doable.  

     I guess I should add that we are in a more rural area, so we had that as an advantage.

  • I sure hope it's doable! We are doing it in 7 months, too...we had to be a little flexible on some details, but I think it makes it kind of nice because we just make decisions quickly rather than worrying about every little detail.

    We each had a couple of things we really cared about and the rest we are willing to be flexible to make everything come together and it's been really fun so far (we are about 2 months into the planning).  

    Definitely get your venue, date, etc. set and then work on your dress--I ordered mine almost a month ago and it won't be in until the month before the wedding.  We got the bridesmaid dresses last weekend and they won't be in until June, either...so...that's a little nerve wracking.  I know we could have paid for rush fees...but who wants that?! 

    Good luck and congrats!
  • It is definitely doable, as I have had many friends do it in even less time than that. I have been debating that, as well - as I always wanted a Fall wedding but unfortunately it won't work out for this Fall... so next spring it is. I live in a fairly big city, but all the main venues that are used for receptions for the size of the wedding get booked fast, so although waiting another year sucks... it ensures that I can get the place I want and the availability is better.

    Happy planning!

  • kaitlynmichellekaitlynmichelle British Columbia member
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    I am getting married in September and got engaged mid December. We are having a very small (10 guests) wedding so I'm not too worried. Book your vendors asap as they will be booking up quickly.
    As long as you are flexible you should be fine.
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  • Oh totally, we're planning ours in 5 months (Aug. 9) amidst full-time internships, college graduation and not actually living in the city where we're getting married. I wish I had 7 months, haha :) I believe in you!
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