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Matron of Honor asked!

I asked my cousin to be my Matron of Honor tonight and she said yes (which was no surprise)! I knew she would, so I made her a very short video card to ask. We Skype and I got see her reaction. Her initial response, "it's about time! I've been patiently waiting." Now I'm waiting for my best friend to get her card that I made asking to be the Maid of Honor and if she follows my direction that will happen on Skype too, but she's a little more stubborn like me, so she might wait until after opening the card to Skype. I will be just calling my bridesmaids. I went back and forth about doing a bridesmaid proposal as I love pinterest, but I will fuse the proposal idea to an initial thank you gift. I'll keep y'all posted.
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Re: Matron of Honor asked!

  • AWWWWW how sweet... Congrats honey

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  • Maid of Honor said yes! She got a card, almost a month later and she called me while I was leaving work and not heading home. She surprisingly waited until we were on the phone before opening, although we didn't skype. We had a little emotional moment, but more laughter than anything. Her response after saying yes and "I do" she asked, "So I'm like the main bitch?" LOL She had met my matron of honor once and so when I told her she was very excited, " Oh it's about to go down." I'm excited. Now getting ready to call the bridesmaids.
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