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Hosting Properly?

My FI and I will be hosting the rehearsal dinner. I am wondering if we provide a full meal, coffee, tea, water and soda is this hosting properly? (The place we are having the rehearsal dinner offers a full bar and guests can choose to purchase alcohol) Is it rude for us to not provide alcohol for the guests?

Thank you!!

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Re: Hosting Properly?

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    You never have to provide alcohol at any event.  As long as you are providing food and beverages so that people don't get thirsty then not having alcohol is fine.

    Since where you are having your RD has a bar and you can't stop your guests from purchasing alcohol then you or the restaurant should make up menus and have what is hosted listed.  That way people aren't surprised if they get a bill for their 2 glasses of wine and 3 bottles of beer.

  • Its never rude to not provide alcohol to guests.  As long as you give them a meal and non-alcoholic beverages they will be ok.  If you ask your venue to not make the bar available to guests that would be easier instead of getting confused guests.  If they cannot do that then I would probably restrict what they can purchase from the bar and pay for it yourself.  If you make up a  menu of a few wines and beers that is better than offering a cash bar.  
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  • I would let them know at the dinner you have a choice of these options for dinner and unlimited soda (most offer free refils) water tea and coffee that would get the message    
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    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and ideas! I will definitely be making up a menu to let everyone know what is being hosted! 


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  • At our we only included beer & wine for alcohol & if someone asked for a mixed drink the server politely advised my guest that liquor wasn't included in the dinner but they were welcome to open a tab if they liked.

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