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Stackable wedding bands - which to use during ceremony?

When my FI and I went to our jewler for our wedding bands, we ended up really liking stackable bands for me (multiple thin bands that are worn together). As a result I will have two wedding bands, which might be a little awkward during our ceremony. Do I have him place both bands on my finger or just choose one for the ceremony and slip on the other at the reception? My only concern is that we're having a Catholic service and technically the priest "blesses" the wedding bands - so if we only used one, would the other be an unblessed sign of satan in the eyes of the church? :)

Re: Stackable wedding bands - which to use during ceremony?

  • I would have that many rings soldered together. This will prevent them from rubbing against each other and will make them essentially 1 ring. Later if you want to wear only 1 or your wedding bands you can get them taken apart.
  • You can always have the priest bless the other one later.

    And no, it will not be considered anything other than unblessed in the eyes of the church.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • There is no harm in wearing both the ones at the same time. This way the thought of having the other ring unblessed will leave you.
  • I have the same issue (although I am not having a Catholic wedding). I have two wedding bands and am on the fence with what I should during the ceremony. Right now I'm leaning towards having FI put both on. One of the reasons why I wanted multiple bands is that one is plain and can be worn all the time (so that I don't have to wear my diamond band while I'm pulling weeds in the garden). Since I plan on sometimes wearing an individual band by itself I want them both to be a part of the ring exchange. 
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    I had a diamond eternity band for every day and a plain platinum band that I used for travel. I had both blessed during the ceremony and the minister just kept the plain band in his possession until the ceremony was complete. 


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