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New Jersey

Florists that let you buy your own vases/candles/stands

Quite honestly - I just need someone that can put together a few flowers in vases with water and some stones and a candle. Do all florists generally allow you to bypass their upcharge and buy your own for them to put together? How does this work?

Re: Florists that let you buy your own vases/candles/stands

  • My florist does not charge for use of his vases as long as he has them in his shop. He will also let you use your own if you have something you like that he does not have.

    I am using Nathan at Avenue Florist in Elizabeth. He has bee amazing to work with and I'm getting much larger centerpieces then I thought I could since he does not charge a rental fee.
  • For this, you could try smaller florists that are capable but not as wedding-y (this is what my sister did and got a good price). Or, I've heard good things about ShopRite and Stop & Shop florists - you bring them the vases, etc. and they order the flowers and assemble. You'd probably have to pick them up, though. If you do a search on this board I remember a thread a while back that listed specific stores. If you were feeling DIY, many people order bulk flowers from CostCo and do it themselves: http://www.costco.com/bulk-flowers.html
  • I'm using a paticular type of vase that ties in with my colors and theme and had no problem with my florist using them. Nathan at Avenue Florist in Elizabeth was awesome! Plus I came in a little under budget and his flower suggestions were beautiful.
  • @luna317777 I am also using Nathan at Avenue Florist and have had an awesome experience with him so far as well. I would recommend him to anyone!
  • Speak to Yumilla from Weddings & Events Floral Design. She's great!

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