Wedding weekend- last minute details?

Just about 9 weeks to the wedding!
Married girls- what were the last minute things you needed to take care of on the weekend of the wedding/days leading up to the wedding?
I would like to know ahead of time so there aren't any unpleasant surprises. I'd also like to be able to plan how many days I should leave open because I'll need to travel to the town where the wedding is.

Re: Wedding weekend- last minute details?

  • while i have not been through this yet, here's what my planner told me to plan for:
    -manicure and pedicure
    -brow tweeze at benefit brow bar
    -get rings cleaned and polished at jeweler
    -drink lots of water
    -send timelines to all vendors and print extra copies (my planner is doing this)
    -finalize who is dropping what off at the venue, and who takes what home at end of the night
    -make envelopes with final payments and tips for all vendors
    -determine who distributes these (for me its my planner again)
    -update seating for any last minute cancellations (unlikely that it will massively change but it may)
    -wear no makeup as much as possible!  keep skin clean except for events like rehearsal dinner
    -make an emergency kit if you dont have a planner, if you do she/he will have one
    -bundle up everything you need for the day of like underwear, deodorant, lipgloss for touchups, etc so that it doesnt get forgotten or mixed in with your day to day stuff
    -stay relaxed but get pumped!

    this assumes you have no diy projects.  i dont have any and i think that makes the days leading up to the wedding so much easier. i'm sure i forgot something so other ladies please chime in!
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    @shelikesasunburn great list!  I don't have anything to add, that pretty much covers it.
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