Photobooth picture frames

Has anyone purchased photobooth picture frames? I'm looking for a good website, there are just too many to choose from! Thanks!

Re: Photobooth picture frames

  • i would not bother with this.  anytime photo booth frames have been given out i haven't taken one.  most people put photo booth pics on their fridge, pin to bulletin boards, etc.  I cheapy plastic frame would not fit in anywhere in my apt.  if it was one of those 4x6 formatted printouts vs strip then i would be open to nice frame.  i just don't think nice frames exist for the strip.
  • I can't answer your question but I will second what pp said.  I wouldn't use a frame.  I have two from a wedding pinned to my cubicle wall right now and I am happier with doing that than framing.
  • Well I am doing magnetic frames since I researched and people use those instead. Thanks though!
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