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April 2014 Weddings

Endless Fittings

Hi ladies,
Wanted to give an update on what is beginning to feel like my dress saga.

I went for my fourth fitting last night and while the dress was better than the prior week, it wasn't perfect.

The hem was too high on one side in the front instead of both sides like it was last week. The back on the left side is still gapping but not as badly as last week. The head seamstress came in and suggested another way to try to get that side to lay flat. I have to go for a FIFTH fitting next Wednesday. Hopefully it will be perfect. Then they will steam the dress and I can pick it up on Friday morning before we head to the hotel where the wedding is going to be held on Saturday.

I am doing everything I can to not have a meltdown about it. The dress is gorgeous. The fit through the bust, waist and hips is PERFECT! It's just small things that need to be perfected. The manager told me last night that they actually recommend picking up your dress and taking it directly to the venue so that it's not in the bag too long, doesn't get rumpled, etc. I don't know if she's just trying to make me feel better but it actually did help a little.

My big issue now (besides the dress) is figuring out how I'm going to get everything done at work between now and Tuesday so I can take the rest of the week off for wedding errands. Hope everyone else is doing well!
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Re: Endless Fittings

  • amm88amm88 member
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    It sounds like it is almost done, everything is perfect but the hem. Just think that next Wednesday this will be all over and you can pick it up on Friday. Hang in there, it is just a week away :)


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