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April 2014 Weddings

Really excited and looking forward to wedding, but thinking I'm going to miss wedding planning

Does anybody else feel this way? I'm really excited about the wedding and the days before it, but I'll miss a lot of things involved in the wedding planning. I loved designing our invitations, researching and buying the exact type of paper we wanted. I also loved figuring out the menu, choosing colors, picking vendors, choosing our photographer and a lot of other things. Most of all I loved wedding dress shopping! That was so much fun!

What about all of you? What are you going to miss the most about being bride or what won't you miss at all about the planning?


Re: Really excited and looking forward to wedding, but thinking I'm going to miss wedding planning

  • I am feeling the same way. All of my free moments (and while i'm at work) have been consumed with wedding planning that i'm scared to think i'm not going to have anything left to do...... and i'm actually going to have to work. 
  • I'm really not. I just can't wait for the day to get here! But I think part of what made wedding planning a bit more of a chore is my mother and sisters all live in a different state as me, and my best friend out here is a young college student with a job so it was really just me and my fiance doing it all on our own (plus we only gave ourselves eight months to plan).
  • @Vivandiere8 - Is your date April 25th? 
  • @jphil0790 It is! All the Saturdays were taken When we were trying to book
  • Im April 25th too. I kind of cant wait to not worry about whats going to happen that day but most of the planning was fun.
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  • @Vivandiere8 - I'm excited to have a Friday wedding the weekend extends the honeymoon a bit :) I originally wanted the 24th but people gave me sh!t for wanting a Thursday wedding
  • I can't believe it's finally so close! People kept telling me the time would fly by but it hasn't. I don't think this freezing, snowy winter (I live it Michigan) has helped either.
  • I think I'm going to be sad when the planning and everything is over, but at this point I'm just SO ready to be married!! Certain things were really fun with planning... like our engagement shoot and sending out save the dates, tasting cake, putting together our invites, but then of course it has it's downsides....the seating chart is NOT my friend right now!! Luckily husband to be took over most of the arrangements :)

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  • Our wedding is this weekend and I'll be sooooo happy to be done with planning!!
    I seriously felt like planning this thing was so much work and time and I just am completely done.
    I will not miss it at all!
  • CaliMel11, I think I will feel the same way. I did enjoy the planning but I'm ready for it to be just about done. We're two weeks out.

    Best wishes for a wonderful beginning to your marriage!
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  • I think you're nuts!  In the nicest way possible, of course :)  I'm SO GLAD for the planning to be over, I just want to enjoy being at my wedding.
  • Totally agree! Planning was a lot of stress but I know I'll also miss it. Btw, did you end up getting your dress altered in time?

  • amm88amm88 member
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    I did, SBmini. I posted on the dress discussion. It fit perfectly and it's all ready to go!


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