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Renting vs buying linens

Does anyone know if it is more or less expensive to buy linens rather than rent. 


Re: Renting vs buying linens

  • It depends. Get some quotes from rental companies to find out. For us, we found tablecloths at that were half what it would have cost to rent!
  • All rental companies around me charge the same or more for renting linens compared to the cost of purchasing online. I bought one tablecloth and chair cover to see what they look like. Super pretty but really wrinkly and I can only imagine the amount of time it will take to iron out the wrinkles and set everything up. It's worth it for me though because I'm hoping to sell after the wedding and recoup some of the money.
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    It depends but from what I have seen on here, many brides save a few bucks buy purchasing their linens.

    H and I rented ours even though they were slightly more expensive then purchasing  But the hassle we saved from having to steam the linens prior to the wedding and then having to get them cleaned and pressed and then having to try and sell them afterwards made up for the small price difference.

  • My venue provided all the standard white linens, and I bought sheer colored overlays for about 5 bucks each. They came folded into TINY little packages though and would be a giant PITA to get the wrinkles out. Thankfully, FMIL used to own a drapery business so she offered to take care of getting them steamed/pressed/whatever through some colleagues. So the wrinkle issue is definitely worth looking into.

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