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Eco-Friendly Weddings

Ways You Are Being Eco-Friendly...

I'll go... Then you...

1) Engagment ring... recycled gold, ethical sapphire. (Liza Shtromberg, LA)
2) Small number of seasonal flowers from a local farmer.
3) Locally sourced food from a local caterer.
4) Keeping the vendors and decorations to a minimum (using mom's canning jars) and things that are in the 'rent's barn.
5) Recycling mom's dress from the 70s into a reception dress, sans sleeves that have since turned brown.

Re: Ways You Are Being Eco-Friendly...

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    1. A beautiful recyled ring. Bought from a jewler from a "collection"
    2. Having an outdoor ceremony and reception all on the same site
    3. Chose paperless RSVP/bridal shower invite. respond via phone, e-mail and online website. 
    4. Bought a dress from another bride who bought her dress from another bride. :P
    5. Eliminate ceremony programs, reuse wine corks as escort card holders
    6. Chose the green no gift wrappin option on Macys registry
    7. The country club uses only organic local produce.
    8. Instead of gift bags, I used recycled totes as bags holding attendant's presents
    9. Buying flowers from local florists, and using flowers that are local

    That's all I can think of at this moment...
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  • 1. Invitations are printed on recycled paper and are being sent in recycled paper. Also we printed rsvp info right on the invitation so were using as little paper as possible.
    2. Reception and ceremony are in a public park and are right next to each other.
    3. No flowers being used. Making boquets and boutineers out of old t-shirts.
    4. Using glass plates and cups donated from family members and then donating them to families in need after the wedding. 
    5. Not having ceremony programs or escort cars. In fact eliminating all paper products other than initations. 
    6. Favors are herbs we grew and dried ourselves. Were putting them in reusable spice tins, guests can use over and over again. 
    7. Making reusable shopping bags for attendants gifts as well as shopping locally for the gifts inside the bags.
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  • Of course the biggest thing we're doing is having a vegan wedding (factory farming is the world's largest contributor to global warming), but we also got an antique engagement ring and will be getting recycled gold bands.

    We are thinking of succulents for a bouquet and possibly centerpieces and favors (succulents do not require the water and chemicals most traditional flowers do), and I'm sure we will find lots of other ways.

    I have seen paper with seeds in it and I would love to consider using that as much as possible. it's recycled paper that you can then plant and grow flowers. Obviously that's not super eco-friendly, but it's something.

    We also want to do tote bags, I think it's a fun thing that will remind our guests not to use plastic bags when they go shopping.
  • We are recycling our promise rings to make our wedding bands. All our wedding waste will be recycled, and food products go to a hog farm. We are skipping the floral arrangements with the exception on my bouquet which will be wildflowers. Our reception menu comes from local organic farms.
  • - Inexpensive wedding rings (unfortunately, didn't have heirloom).
    - Outdoor ceremony and reception on site. Bio vegetables grown on site, with rain water. Local meat.
    - Buying pre-owned as much as possible. 
    - Growing my own (wild)flowers and herbs for my centerpieces. 
    - Using living centerpieces : guests can keep the flowers and herbs in pots as a favor (with fresh herbs such as thyme, mint, rosemary, basil ... I think it's going to be a hit).
    - We're going traditional for the invites (paper), but we're not sending save-the-dates and our thank you cards will probably be emailed. 

  • - Rings: recycled gold used for all rings, Canadian diamond on my engagement ring
    - Local vegetarian food
    - Paperless STD and RSVP, possibly paperless invites (at the very worst, single card stock invitation)
    - No programs, declined individual menus (from the venue - opted for table menus), no escort cards
    - Bought a dress from another bride, buying pre-owned coat for winter wedding
    - Single ceremony and reception venue
    - Buying pre-owned items for decorations (vases, votives etc…)
    - Limiting use of flowers (probably only used for my bouquet)

    The big "cloud" over our eco intentions: many of our guests will be travelling across the country (at least we limited to guest list to 60). 
  • ^^ Same for us, the wedding involves traveling for all our guests. FI and I met online and we lived 3 hours apart. Our families still live 3 hours apart. There's not much we can do about that. 
  • The main things I'm doing are going local and/or used for everything I possibly can, and not doing anything I consider wasteful or unnecessary as far as decor, paper, etc.
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