Unique Pittsburgh Venues -- Warhol, Mattress Factory, Children's Museum?

Hi everyone!  I'm excited to join the conversations here, one week post-engagement!  Since I adore planing parties, I can't wait to start the venue search.  I was wondering if anyone has feedback (pros and cons) about the following Pittsburgh venues: the Andy Warhol Museum, The Mattress Factory, and/or the Children's Museum of PGH?  As you can probably guess, we're both suckers for a unique, artsy venue with bright/interesting exhibits -- if other venue options of this variety come to mind, I'd definitely appreciate your words of wisdom.  I'm also a bargain-hunter at heart, so budget friendly options are preferred. The guest list is probably going to be around 100-120.  Thanks for sharing your experiences! 

Re: Unique Pittsburgh Venues -- Warhol, Mattress Factory, Children's Museum?

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    Not really sure about the Children's Museum capacity, but both the Warhol and Mattress Factory can only do up to 100 for a seated event.  Other than that, I wish my guy was more into art and wanted to do something like you're doing!  Good luck finding the right place! 

    Also, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts on Fifth in Shadyside usually has art featured when you rent the space.  I cannot attest to whether it is a bargain or not, but it has the art component.

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  • The Pittsburgh Opera is pretty cool! lots of DIY though.
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  • There is also the History Center.  The zoo/aquarium is really cool (I think you can find pricing online) and I have heard good things about the Aviary.

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  • We are doing our reception at Children's Museum 10.10.15! I absolutely fell in love with the big red room. The advantages are that you can bring your own alcohol, however, all flatware, dishes, glasses have to come through Special Occasion and you only get to choose from 3 caterers. Everything else they seem to be pretty cool with and very laid back. Also, although we haven't picked a caterer yet, it seems like all 3 get really good reviews.
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  • Thanks for the venue ideas and info from your research!  I appreciate it lots -- Pittsburgh has a lot of cool, unique spaces available.  Definitely more than I realized at the start of preliminary planning!
  • J Verno Studios is a really unique, artsy venue in the South Side.  Check it out!  It's actually a venue in a photography studio and they control the lighting, etc.
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  • Check out the Bigelow conference center right in the heart of Pitt campus . Has Italian marble columns.... Crystal chandeliers... I loved it. Alot of character
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    Do you know the price range for the Mattress Factory ?
  • Don't quote me on it, but I believe that Mattress Factory was pricier for venue rental but allowed you to choose the caterer (and permitted BYOB).  The core price for the venue was around $6,500, which included tables, chairs, access to the parking lot, maybe a museum tour, etc.  My fiance and I were surprised at how much it cost for just the venue alone, as even some of the top places in PGH don't cost that much.  It is a funky, unique, space and I love the museum! The venue space itself was small, I'd say it could comfortably fit 100 or less.  I definitely suggest contacting their events staff for a price quote, though, just in case I'm misinforming you!  If you like the vibe of Mattress Factory, I had a much more positive experience with the tour and price quote of the Warhol overall.
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