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Getting in Shape

I need advice on a healthier lifestyle.

So I really want to start eating better and going to the gym but I need a little motivation and tips for eating healthy. I work a lot so I fall into the mistake of eating out often. People tell me I'm crazy for wanting to go to the gym because I'm thin but I don't want to lose weight at all, I actually need tips as to what I should eat so I don't lose weight while working out. I might be thin, but I'm not in shape, I used to be able to run miles now I run up the stairs and I'm out of breath. Any recommendations for workouts or foods I should try to become more fit without dropping weight??

Re: I need advice on a healthier lifestyle.

  • CrazyCatLady3CrazyCatLady3 member
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    You should calculate your basic calorie needs (there are many online resources for this) and make sure that you are replacing the calories (with healthy foods) you burn when you work out.  Think about healthy fats--nuts, avocados, certain types of fish etc. and protein shakes.  Also make sure you are doing strength training not just cardio so that you are building muscle and not withering away as you work out.  If you sign up for a gym, most will give you one complimentary consultation with a trainer who can show you basic strength training moves.  

    If the gym schedule doesn't match yours, there are other alternatives.  When I was in law school I didn't have time for the gym, but got The Firm dvd series which I did all at home and really built up my strength and fitness.  You just follow along and they show you exactly what to do.
  • Loads of protein and weight training. You will replace the "not so good weight" with muscle...
  • Go onto myfitnesspal.com and log what you eat. There'll be an option for eating to maintain your weight and eating to lose weight. It's a good starting point. 

  • You need arrange your time reasonably and form the stable biological clock. You can enter some website to find the healthy eatting habit and follow suit. Those ways are worth trying.
  • First of start with a proper always keep a check on no. of calorie you are been eating and then try not to eat food that you know would increase your fats intake. And try drinking plenty of water during the whole day.

  • melbensomelbenso Hoth, apparently member
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    Have you thought about trying yoga?  There are lots of different types of yoga, so you don't have to be doing a high impact, huge calorie burn work out.  But it will increase your strength and flexibility, tone muscles,make you more aware of your body, decrease muscle pain and tension, and decrease stress.

    If you are interested, start by checking out a hatha style yoga class.  There you will learn proper alignment and how to hold the positions.  If you want something higher impact, but still not crazy, you could do ashtanga (set series of poses, moving with your breath) or vinyasa (moving with your breath, varies from class to class).  Bikram (hot yoga) is also an option for higher impact workouts, but I personally don't care for exercising in a 100+ degree room.
  • My go to is www.sparkpeople.com

    It's a wonderful company - they keep me inspired, keep me educated on what I need to be doing, keep me tracking what I'm doing. It's everything you need in one place - and free! They have great forums as well to keep you involved and active!
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