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Hi everyone. My bridal shower is being hosted by my bridesmaids and MoH, and by my mom and FMIL. I got them all small gifts to thank them, but now I can't decide when to give them the gifts. Would it be rude or awkward for the guests if at the end of the shower I made a quick toast to thank them all for coming and then to thank the hosts and present them all with the gifts? Or should I wait until the end when everyone has gone?

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    I think either one is fine. 
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  • I think you should do whatever you find convenient and gets along.

  • I think you should wait till the end when everyone leaves to give gifts.  The shower is to celebrate the bride and shower her with gifts for her upcoming wedding, so it would be weird to also give the hosts gifts at that time.  They also may feel uncomfortable as the attention may be taken off of the guest of honor.  I know when I hosted my sisters shower a few weeks ago I did not want to be thanked until the shower was over.  It would have been odd.
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