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June 2014 Weddings

Congratulations Junies of 2014

Hi ladies!

Six years ago myself and many other brides, like you, were posting our last minute wedding planning excitements and woes on our very own the knot message board. One day, on our board, a name we didn't recognize appeared, just like I am appearing to you. It was the voice of June 2007 with their well wishes, wedding and marriage advice - since then a tradition was born for us. Every year we stop by the current June board and shower you lovely ladies with our best wishes. It's Junie pride. 

Today we are off The Knot/Nest and on a private board, still exclusively for those 2008 Junies. There are 69 of us and we are tight. Like our vaginas before we had kids. (Sorry, that was maybe a little crude.) There are now more kids among us than there are members - aged 5 years to 5 minutes. Some of us are divorced and dating, some are single, some are DINK, but still we stand united as friends that met over a common purpose the same as yours. We don't talk about invitations and DJs any more, but we do talk about MIL's, husbands and even things like the art of baby making.

We've had IRL board GTGs in 2010, 2013 and 2014 - and many one on one GTGs in between. Some of us call each other best friends, on and off the board. We Facebook chat, we snap chat, we phone chat and in real life chat. We don't always come riding in on our unicorns with a basket full of kittens, but we are respectful of each other. Our private board count is up to 200,000+ posts and I don't think any of us plan to quit any time soon. We're in this for life.

These girls you have can be awesome support and we hope you guys will continue to flourish and appreciate the bond that you are creating. You share a similar life timeline and these relationships can help you get through all of that. 

With all that said, I'll/we'll be posting our wedding/marriage advice for you throughout this thread.

I hope your wedding is everything you dreamed of, but even more important than that, I wish you continued happiness with the man/woman you have promised to call yours forever.

With love,
(June 2008)


Re: Congratulations Junies of 2014

  • Oh my goodness!! I can't believe we are fast approaching another anniversary!!

    Enjoy each other, remember to go out on dates, make time for yourself. There will be up and downs, but remember the reasons why you chose this person to ride the roller coaster of life with. Enjoy your wedding day, take it all in and enjoy the experience. 

  • There is never a perfect time for anything, waiting for it will mean you miss out on things. You will never be "Ready" for a baby, enjoy it when it happens, don't keep waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect timing--let your marriage come first as you deal with what life throws you. Really enjoy your day, dance and dance and dance some more, look around at everyone who is there to celebrate you both, and thank everyone for being there with you.

  • Have the wedding that you've dreamed of, but realize that in 5 years you'll look back and see things differently. Don't stress about it too much. Enjoy the day, it flies by. Have a list of people you want pictures with so that you don't look back and wish you had shots that were missed. 

    For marriage, remember why you fell In love with your spouse. Especially when times get rough, look for positive qualities instead of negatives. Talk about everything. Even if you feel like the other person isn't listening and you're talking in circles, talk anyway.


  • Enjoy your day, but don't stress too much about the details. Chances are, no one will notice if anything goes "wrong" or if something is missing, and years down the road, you'll realize that the things you thought were important really weren't. 

    Once you're married, make the effort to take care of your relationship. It's easy to let life get in the way and just to fall into a routine, but remember how important your marriage is, and try to spend quality time together doing things that you both enjoy. There will be times when you start to feel bored or disconnected, but it's amazing how just a night away somewhere can make you feel reconnected with your spouse. 

    P.S....thanks for doing this, Amanda! I love this tradition! :)

  • The wedding is just a day, but the marriage is a lifetime. Always tell your spouse you love them.

    Make sure you love your photographer and communicate what your preferred shots are. If you did engagement photos and didn't love them, tell your photographer why so they can try to adjust for your wedding.

    Ask the church to save a parking spot for your photographer if parking is going to be tight and he or she is doing shots of you girls getting ready.

    Don't stress over having a perfect honeymoon. We did a weekend away at a local beach and said we'd honeymoon two years later when life slowed down. Well by that time we needed the money to move, we never regret only doing a weekend way. 

    -Dr. Amanda
  • Such a great post, Trickey! Thanks again for doing this. 

    Best of luck 2014 Junies!
  • Gustafson28Gustafson28 Winterfell
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    Woo hoo!
  • Thank you so much this is awesome! Thank you!


  • Thank you all very much. This is all wonderful advice, and it's so nice to hear. It's amazing to think that once all the stress of planning is over, we could be in your position and be posting marriage advice to future brides. Thank you all for the support and inspiration!
  • Thanks for the advice. :)  Glad to see the boards don't stop after the wedding!
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  • Gooooo Junies!!

    Thanks for the advice! I know I have noticed already how kids can cause a big distraction in relationships (future hubby has 2 teenagers from his first marriage) - we still try and have date nights, special time to go back to being just "us" like when we were first dating!! We'll work to keep that up!!! 

    Enjoy your anniversaries ladies!!!
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