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Store bought v. custom thank you cards

Is it poor etiquette to buy your thank you cards from the store as opposed to ordering them?

Re: Store bought v. custom thank you cards

  • Nope. As long as everyone gets a prompt thank you note, you're just fine. I have never once cared if the card is from the dollar bin at Michael's as long as it was prompt and thoughtfully written. 
  • The only important thing about a thank you note is the hand written, personal message inside of it.  Buy them in bulk at Miichael's or Hobby Lobby.
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    I bought my blank thank you cards from Hallmark.  It was a variety pack.  They had nothing to do with my wedding colors or whatnot.  The important part was the note that I wrote in each one.  If someone complains that your thank you notes didn't match your wedding invitations or didn't have pictures from your wedding on them need a reality check.

  • Thanks guys! I just can't justify spending over $100 on thank you cards just because they match my invitations lol. So I'm glad people are agreeing with me!
  • I bought my at michael's over 3 weeks so I could use a 40% off coupon then. They were nice but they were black & ivory where my wedding colors were brown & ivory. But I liked them and I figured, most if not all of my guests would end up throwing them away after reading them, so why spend a fortune on them. Husband wanted to do a thank you photo & do custom cards but once I saw the prices to do that, I veto that idea as I was the budget police for the wedding.

    Since I didn't have to wait for custom cards, I got started on my cards the week after the wedding when we returned from our honeymoon & managed to get all the thank you cards out within 2 weeks after the wedding.

  • Target also has a variety of pretty Thank You cards and are very decently priced.
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    Blank thank yous are perfectly fine.

    Actually, custom thank you notes can sometimes risk running afoul of etiquette, because some of them aren't printed until after the wedding and leave you sending them out late.  
  • I bought baking K note cards from Target; 200 for $14. No one cared that they were blank or generic, but all my parents' friends (about half of our 152-person guest list) remarked on receiving a thank-you by Saturday when our wedding had been the preceeding Sunday.

    Wedding was Sunday, we mailed TYs Thursday. All 60-odd of them.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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    I really wanted my cards to match my invitations, but I just couldn't justify the extra expense when I could get simpler ones for like $10.
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