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Mirage is of course making us use Cashman, we opted for a few extra hours of photo time, making it 4 total.  Cashman agreed to sell us the CD for $1,500 and give us prints of all the photos the next day, but we had to pay up front.  With all the mixed reviews on Cashman, I'm really hoping I didn't make the biggest budget mistake ever!  
We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 

Re: Cashman

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    I thought I had myself figured out with photography, then Wynn keeps on throwing other terms & conditions at us. So we are reconsidering paying the crazy amount for Cashman too, and keeping our fingers crossed the quality is good.
  • My wedding coordinator at the Mirage was able to put me in touch with someone at Cashman and they showed me some samples of other weddings they had there.  That helped put me at ease, the ones they showed me were good.  They could probably show you some from the Wynn too.
    We had our dream wedding at Mirage on May 3, 2014! 
  • @ktbabe good luck with cashman! If you're happy with the samples they showed you I wouldn't worry too much. We have them too but didn't go with the extra time. We got them for 45 min with our ceremony package though.
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  • i think they are part of the package that we have at the Flamingo, we have them for 30 minutes
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  • we had them for 45 mins with our wedding at Aria...our photographer was awesome and the pictures turned out really good. We only paid $1000 for the picture cd with copyrights and prints
  • We had them at Aria as well, we used them as little as possible . Ended up with 78 pictures and they want $530 for the cd. They are about 35-40 really good ones....at $10 per 4x6 I might suck it up and get the cd I don't know yet. I was not real impressed with the guy who took the pics.
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  • I have them for 2 hrs at Mandalay but, I did also higher a private photographer for the whole day. The 2hr I have I want Cashman to just do ceremony and family pics, my photographer will do everything else. Before, After and Recep
  • Not trying to add fuel to the fire, but keep in mind that samples provided by Cashman are relatively useless from the standpoint of showing you what your photos will look like because the chances are low that the same photographer that took them will be the one handling your wedding day.  Many photographers would rather work for themselves, so they have turnover just like any business, and we all know that quality can vary quite greatly from one photographer to the next.

    I have never heard someone say they 'did not like' their Cashman photos though, it's just mostly hit or miss on whether they'll be 'okay' or 'excellent', and of course everyone universally agrees that their pricing sucks.

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  • @vegasgroom Exactly!! Pricing for extra time and to get the disc, I said screw it and got a private photographer for 8hrs,who I know will be taking the pics, working on the pics herself,  8 x8 wedding albums and photo frame, copyright disc of my photos,I can do whatever the hell I want w/ my pics for 1000.
    This is from a email w/ cashman:
    Pre-Paid Gallery (A) 2 hours
    Master CD w/ full -copyrights
    Full-set of all 4x6 prints
    (2) 8x10 prints
    10x10 cherish wedding album (40) images of your choice 
    (2) Specialty wall prints of your choice  
     $3090.00 plus tax and shipping
    (3 hours of time $3450.00)

    Pre-Paid Gallery (B) 2hours
    Master CD w/ full -copyrights 
    Full-set of all 4x6 prints
    (2) Specialty wall prints of your choice
     $2290.00 plus tax and shipping

  • I have Cashman at Aria... I haven't heard anything from them yet about pricing of additional items (outside of the ceremony).  But, my wedding is a year away.  I also hired Tyler Freear for before, strip tour, and reception... and his package comes with digital rights.  
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