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Shower planning etiquette/should I bring it up or wait?

Hi all. My awesome FSIL has graciously offered to throw me a bridal shower. We've had "vague" talks (like when we're driving back and forth to Long Island for family events) about "my style" and what I would like and stuff, and FI recently mentioned that she has narrowed where to host the shower at down to a a couple locations. I think as of now she's planning on having it in August.

My question: is it rude if I ask her if she would like me to send her a copy of the guest list? Or, if I ask her how small/big of a guest list she was planning on? Do I need to wait for her to mention it? She has previously asked for my MOH and BMs email addresses/phone numbers. I know that there is plenty of time, but if there's been one thing I've learned during the whole wedding planning process is that I'm a bit anal/OCD and like to try to plan things out in advance and not at the last second. So, knowing that she's planning something but not having any cues/indication/control about if they need the guest list is frazzling a couple nerves, I
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Re: Shower planning etiquette/should I bring it up or wait?

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