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Getting in Shape

No motivation

I had lost 40 or so pound and kept it off for almost a year. Then my FI and I became a couple and I started eating the way he eats, except that I finish everything on my plate and he doesn't. Now I've gained almost all of my weight back and we're getting married in 3 months. I am very much in love with the man of my dreams, but I can't find the motivation to lose weight again. He loves me either way, but I sure with I was going to look in my dress the way I looked 40lbs ago. Any motivation tips, ideas, insights for me?
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Re: No motivation

  • Use a smaller plate. I know that sounds dumb, but it's really helping me. At dinner, I use the side plates as a full plate, and FILL it. Half with veggies, and then half with meat/starches.

    Eat an apple and drink a full glass of water before your biggest meal. You'll eat less.

  • This is pretty much EXACTLY what happened to me. I am motivated to loose the weight though, I'm not happy with the weight I have gained even though I know it does not bother him. I would just try cooking healthier meals. That is what I started doing, cooking healthier meals and running 5 days a week. I just really started getting serious at the start of April I've lost about 8lbs so far, which is helping keeping my motivation up. 

    Just remember what you WERE doing before when you lost the weight and remember how it made you feel, thats what I did. And I remembered I really felt a whole lot better....Well that and trying on a wedding dresses I really didn't feel very good about myself so after that it really motivated me to loose weight and get back to where I know I can be. 
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    Do you exercise? If not, start. Walk 30 minutes a day and it will make a world of difference. You'll have more energy, which can result in more workouts, and feel much better. 

    Drink lots of water. 

    Cut white starches from your diet. No potatoes, white breads, etc. Replace them with whole grains. 

    Try to eliminate sugars and rely on natural sweeteners found in fresh fruits instead. If you're an ice cream girl like me, opt for a small dish of plain Greek yogurt with vanilla and stevia with strawberries. 
  • I'm struggling too… My issue is mores that I want to look good in my bikini when we go on our honeymoon… TBH I'm small but I really want to tone…. I used to work out ALL THE TIME but I don't have the motivation to do so now… So I'm having a hard time… I feel sooooo bloated! My fiancé is fine with me and my little beer belly, but its about me and my confidence! 
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  • Fake it until you make. I start with no motivation - but once I get moving and force myself to do things - I start WANTING to do them and gaining the motivation I need!
  • I feel like the hardest part is getting to the gym, when I'm going I dred it right up until I get that first set of weights done. It would definitely help if you had someone to go with you. Team up with a friend of yours that way if either of you have a day that you don't feel like going you'll motivate one another. Also, if you're having an issue with eating everything on the plate try switching to a smaller plate. Sounds silly but you'll still be able to eat everything but the portion will be smaller.
  • @KnotPorscha - this vendor isn't going away.

    @sbride2be - quit posing as a bride to sell your sham weight loss wrap. Diet, exercise and clean living is what makes people lose weight. Now please, go away.
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