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Does any one know a good cake place around Newington. Looking for something small for the bridal shower.


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    stew lenoards depending on the size you need they are the most resonable i am in new britain and i called tons of places last week to get  cake quotes for my mom and sister  for my bridal shower that was this past weekend.  we needed a half sheet as we were feeding about 35 and that was 29.99 at stews  they do half yellow and half chocolate with a vanilla buttercream and some roses and writing, if you want filling its extra. the cake was very moist and the buttercream was amazing. and they did a really good job on the cake

    i also tried to call the kakery on main in newington but they never answered and according to the website its about 44 for a half sheet cake

    all the italian places ran between 60-90 for a half sheet cake not sure what size cake you would need. but the smaller cake sizes at the italian bakeries were just as expensive like 30-40 for a cake that would only feed like 12-15 people

  • I did consider The Kakery but since you now mentioned Stew's I think I will check it out this week as we are there grocery shopping anyway. Totally forgot about it but you are right they have the cakes behind glass so will check out the designs as I don't want to spend too much on it.

    Thanks so much.
  • your welcome.
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