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Dessert First?

I would love your opinions. How would you feel about being a guest at a wedding where dessert was served before dinner? We're still trying to figure out how this would go (if we do it), but here are the ideas we're considering:

  1. We'd like to have several ice cream cakes made from Cold Stone, then place them at the tables to be centerpieces and mingling points for 'social hour.'
  2. If we got a more traditional cake, we would like to serve that cake to our guests. We both strongly believe acts of service to be acts of love; it's a foundation we'll be holding in our marriage. Not sure how this would work on the timeline though - immediately following social hour? Before social hour? 
  3. At social hour, include desserts like cupcakes and cookies on the appetizer table.


Re: Dessert First?

  • 1. As you can imagine, ice cream cake is kind of tricky at a large event. You'll need to serve it quickly, and you don't want to leave it out to "serve as a centerpiece."

    2. We served our wedding cake as our first act of hospitality as a married couple, and we did it after dinner. Do be careful though. It got messy!

    3. Gosh, you guys must really like sweets. Ice cream cake + regular cake + cupcakes and cookies?

    I love sweets, but I prefer to eat them after dinner.

  • Oh yeah, we take our desserts seriously! I don't think we'd do all three though; I wanted to get people's thoughts on each option first. And one vote for sweets after dinner - noted!
  • I don't think ice cream cakes would work as "mingling points for social hour." I know I would feel extremely hesitant to cut into something - especially a cake at a wedding - without being explicitly instructed to. I just see it melting all over the place. If you're set on ice cream cakes, could that be what you serve? Maybe have some candy/cookie cocktail hour centerpieces... I'd be more likely to nibble on that than something I had to cut and serve myself (and would  be lighter before dinner).

  • Based on what you described my ideal as a guest would be cookie table/bar available starting at social hour and throughout reception.  Then after dinner serve ice cream cake.

    The cookie table is very common at Pittsburgh weddings.  More often than not I have seen it open during the entire reception and people grab a few cookies to eat along with the traditional types of appetizers.  This works best if social hour and main reception are in the same place.

    We had cocktail hour with lots of apps.  Then everyone moved into the reception room, saw the cookies and grabbed a few while getting to their seats.  Later in the evening when the dessert buffet opened we put out to go containers for desserts and cookies so guests that wanted to take them home could.

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    Ice cream melts, so I would not use an ice cream cake as a centerpiece.

    Serve it for dessert.
  • I think the idea of the ice cream cake is good, but logistically, not so good. I would be concerned about the mess of them melting if your table doesn't eat them up quickly. Also ice cream cakes can be hard to cut sometimes when they are still frozen solid.

    If you want people to mix things up what about cupcake stands as your center pieces, those would be easier for people to grab & eat. And if you want to mix it & it fits in your budget, do half the tables in cupcakes & half the tables with edible fruit arrangements. Those are always fun.

  • @Erikan73 That's a cute idea! Thanks.
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