Just got engaged and need help!

Hi!  I just got engaged last week and I have no idea where to start with all this wedding planning!  We know we want to have a small wedding on Oahu but not spend a fortune.  My mother is in a wheelchair, so the idea of having a beach wedding is out.  My fiance likes the idea of having our reception at a resturant.  But besides that, I don't know where to go from there!  I don't even know what is a good budget to be able to get a nice wedding but not have to be over the top.  I don't mind DIY stuff to help keep costs down.  What is a decent price for a wedding dress nowdays?  Can you tell I'm a bit overwhelmed?  Lol.  Help?!?! :)

Re: Just got engaged and need help!

  • I am getting married in Maui, so I can't help much with location.  But, we went to Oahu a few months ago and stayed at Aulani (we have a daughter and thought it would be good with a toddler).  It was AMAZING.  It wasn't just for kids and there really wasn't a lot of Disney stuff.  The pools were great.  Congratulations and good luck with the planning.
  • thank you!  and congrats to you too!!  We love visiting Maui and can totally understand why people want to get married there. :)
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