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May 2014 Weddings

Grooms Gift

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Hey ya'll, 

Just curious, what are ya'll getting your groom for the grooms gift? are you even doing one? 

Re: Grooms Gift

  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio
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    We aren't doing gifts for each other. 
  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD
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    I'm doing a boudior shhot for him which he'll get after the wedding. I'm also surprising him with a milkshake truck day of gor the reception.

    You do not have to exchange gifts, so if you're having trouble coming up with one skip it.

  • I got my FI a pair of cufflinks with his initials engraved and I'm giving him a little book that I've been writing in since we got engaged. I'm also having his ring engraved as a surprise. I'll be very shocked if he does anything for me but I wanted to get him something!
  • I'm thinking of getting him a trip to Niagara Falls. He told me he's never been there so I might just book a hotel there for July. He definitely won't be expecting that.
  • Journals that ive been writing to him since we got together 4 yrs ago. Also two jars for pennies. Look up sex penny jar for the full details. 
  • I have a journal that I started years ago, before I met my FI, written to my future husband. Of course, once I knew who my husband would be, the entries became more specific. :)
  • FutureMrsN3312FutureMrsN3312 Dirty Jersey
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    We said no gifts but I blew that. I got us floor seats to Billy Joel at MSG in June!!!! So excited. He has no clue that I got them :)
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  • We are each writing each other personal notes and buying each other cologne/perfume to wear on the big day. I was reading about how scent has a way to bring you back to special moments. So after the wedding whenever he wears that cologne I can think back to our special day :)
  • My FI is giving me the wedding perfume I want. I am getting him (well, us) tickets for the US Rugby team when they come to our city this June.

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  • I bought us Cubs tickets for the day after our wedding. We went to a Cubs game the day before we got engaged.
    I'm also buying him a new wallet; we're practical people :)

    He got me a new iPod...and now he's complaining that the gifts aren't equal haha
  • I got him a chain with a diamond cross pendant. He always wanted a cross pendant. I also brought him a second band for work.

    We are giving each other two hand written letters inside of cards we pick out. One we will give each other before the wedding. the second we will read on our 1st anniversary.

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  • I'm going a little overboard! :/. I did a boudoir shoot, and from that got him a leather bound book and a canvas. Then I've been doing an 'I love you because.....' Book that I started when we were 100 days from the wedding. And finally, I'm working really hard to get his college mascot to come to the reception (our first date was to one of their games).
  • I'm getting mine an engraved pocket watch. On the engraving I put "no matter how much time passes, I'll always love you" and I'll have a little note to him in there as well. He said he wanted a pocket watch, so that is what he is getting :)
  • I love all these ideas!! I started a "100 reasons I love you..." book at 100 days out. I will give that to him, and also trying to get a personalized autograph from his favorite NFL player. It has been a challenge and hope I can get it accomplished. 

    I am trying to think of one more thing in case I can't get the personalized autograph. 
  • I got the watch back today and I love it!!! It came out perfect!!
  • @Kristen625 Thanks for the idea of what to write in my FI's card! I got him a fancy wrist watch lol



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  • I did boudoir photos that I am going to have an album made. But FI is also a die hard Green Bay Packers fan. I found cufflinks made from the wood from the original stadium seats. I couldn't resist them, so he's getting 2!
  • I got him a card that says "Today i have loved you for _____ days". I might get him a wallet or Dodger tickets. I'm not sure but I did say no gifts :(
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