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Newly Engaged and Waiting.

First off, Yay! I am super excited and very happy to be engaged to my best friend! We have talked about many aspects of the wedding now that we are engaged. One thing for us, is that we are waiting until I am done with college, which we guess will be another 2 to 3 years but will be longer if I am able to get in the teaching credential program right away. Another thing is, because we are going to be waiting we want to save money to be able to pay for a decent amount ourselves. So my question is for those of you that have waited or are waiting, if you don't mind me asking, if approximately how much money you would/did put away for your wedding? Any friendly advice would help! Thank you all!

Re: Newly Engaged and Waiting.

  • Hey, finally someone like myself! I don't really like the fact that I'm waiting, but my family has put a lot of pressure on me to finish school first. My fiancé is awfully proud and trying his best to avoid taking handouts, but my family is pretty insistent that they will be helping fund our wedding. Especially because we're assuming I'll have to take out loans to finish college. We want a smaller wedding and the venue we would like to use as of this moment provides discounts for military and my fiancé is active duty Air Force. Because of that we're looking to spend around $15k-$17k on our wedding, with my family covering a portion of that and possibly his too if he ever gets over his pride issues.
  • I would look at your budget and see how much money is left over after rent, tuition, paying off any debt you might have, car, insurance, etc. And then of the money left over every month, figure out how much you can put into wedding savings. It really depends on your income and expenses, but with 3 or more years to save, even $20 a month starts to add up.
  • We have only really discussed a budget once, since we are going to be waiting, but it seems that he ideally would like to put away $1500 to $2000 for a (how he made it sound) $15,000-$20,000 budget. But thank you for the advice!
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    Waiting is wise! Budget and other factors should be considered. I believe in enjoying the planning and not feeling rushed. Visit The Knot!
  • We're budgeting around $10k for our wedding but we're planning for a small, intimate wedding. Definitely look at your budget after student debts and stuff to figure out how much you want to save up, though, and remember that you can have a beautiful wedding for however much you decide to spend on it, even if it doesn't seem like a whole lot.

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  • OH MY! I'm waiting to finish school too! Everyone around me including my family are like why wait? They don't understand. But what me and my finance have been doing is every paycheck we get we put 20% of the check straight into saving. For the past couple months of doing this our budget is growing.
  • I am finishing school myself, my fiance and I decided that since we are paying for the wedding completely ourselves we would put away like half from me and half from him and then the remainder of like a little over $2,000 on credit cards. Our budget is $15,000 all together but so far we have only planned for a bit over 12,000 which gives us some room which works perfectly for us.
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