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Mismatch Country Chic Style Bridesmaid Dresses(Not Sure)

Has anyone tried or have seen in person how mismatch bridesmaids dresses look at a wedding? A little worried about this trend but I heart  these dresses I found by cgheavenbridal.image

Not sure if I should stick with traditional dresses or be creative.

Re: Mismatch Country Chic Style Bridesmaid Dresses(Not Sure)

  • These are the ones I really love.
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    I would be very careful ordering from that store. It doesn't list where the store is based and there is no user review process that I can see, so if there are unhappy customers, how would you know? Maybe take the pictures to a local dressmaker and see if they can make something similar?
  • I'm not sure about the store...but the idea is really cute.  My girls will be wearing the same style of dress in different colors.  At my first wedding (10 years ago) they did the same color but with different styles.  It was really pretty.  I think it could definitely work!
  • My biggest concern with dresses like that would be making sure the length is something your bridesmaids (and you) are comfortable with. They look pretty scary short to me. 

  • My BMs all picked out their own dresses I just chose the color. One of the dresses was purchased for $5, another was bought on Ebay, and the most expensive was $150. I loved them because I knew each girl was comfortable and liked the dress they wore. I also hope they are able to wear them to another event. A couple pictures are in my signature.

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  • ElcaBElcaB member
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    I think mismatched BM dresses can look great. 

    Personally, I wanted a cohesive look for my BMs so they are wearing the same dress. I was too nervous they'd end up picking things that would look weird together to do the mismatched look. 
  • Please don't order from that store; they don't look legitimate at all.

    I picked a designer, color, and fabric and let my girls pick their own styles within those specifications. I think they'll look fantastic, and they all have a dress they actually like.
  • I did mismatched dresses (even mismatched colors; my MH in purple, my BM in silver), and I think it looked great.  They were happy and spent what amount was comfortable to them (my MH spent $15, my BM spent like $60 or so). 
  • lolawantslovelolawantslove member
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    I just order my Bridesmaid Dresses from them.The Designer is friendly and she makes all the dresses per measurements which puts me at ease about the size.Fingers crossed :)
  • I've ordered these.
  • Good choice! I love the mismatched style and the dresses you choose are gorge. I plan to do the same thing :)
  • Well now you just sound like a vendor.

  • what designer are you talking about and is this from 2014, not sure if this is an old post or not...
  • @MrsDean22..It's this shop I found while browsing Pinterest.It's "cgheavenbridal" and yes my wedding is in August 2014.
  • Not sure what you mean..But I did buy my dresses and just expressing my nervousness and excitement.I thought that was ok on this forum?
  • Thank you! I will check it out and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!!
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