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Newport Syndicate Ambassador Room?

Anyone been to or had a reception in the Ambassador Room at the Newport Syndicate? How was it?

Re: Newport Syndicate Ambassador Room?

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    See Bio.  I loved it.  It was a very different layout than most, especially with the sunken dance floor.  We also added gaming tables which made the layout a little different.  The only complaint I heard about the food was that my SIL didn't know she could have both entrees from the buffet.  I won't lie and say it was gourmet, but it was good.  Service was great as well. 
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    Thanks for your response! Great pics....wish there were more!  The gaming tables are a good idea. Been trying to figure out how to set up down there...where to put the head table (or if we should even do a head table)/ if we should put the cake at the bottom of the steps or somewhere else/ placement of projecter so everyone can see/ where to set up the photobooth, etc.. The room has a lot of charater & style, but trying to figure out how to setup down there is a little challenging.  
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    My cousin got married there and it was great. 

    They actually brought the bridal party a plated meal...if memory serves there were booths on the first elevated level and that's where we sat.  I remember enjoying my meal.

    The layout worked well for dancing and whatnot...it was a big wedding and there was plenty of space for everyone.
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    If you want to PM me your email, I'd be happy to send you more pics.  Take advantage of the pinspot lighting- my MOH got tired of me saying how much I loved my centerpieces.  The pictures don't do them justice. 
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    @jollygreen- thanks for your response. do you remember which room your cousins wedding was in---upstairs or downstairs? kinda sounds like you may have been in the grand ball room  @Mrs. Dilligaf---I love those centerpieces too, very classy! plan to go the same route w/ the tall vases and floating candles.  And I agree the pin lighting is great, will definitely be taking advantage of that too :-)

    if you ladies think of anything you would have done differently or any other suggestions, let me know. I appreciate the feedback.
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    We were definitely downstairs.  I apologize...I didn't realize they have two rooms!  ha!  I live in Newport and walk my dog past there all the time.  I should've known better.  :)
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    Ahhh, ok.... cool!!  That's good to hear. Thanks again ladies!
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