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After party food cart?

Thinking about renting a sausage cart for after the reception is over but not sure of the logistics.. Fiancé made a good point that if it's too early people may leave to go outside and not cone back in. What are other couples doing for food and after party?

Re: After party food cart?

  •  I know lots of people have late-night food at their receptions, but I've never heard of post-reception food being offered, or an after party of any sort. I've also heard of the bride & groom hitting up a bar with guests too, but I always figured the reception was the only party. Our reception ended at 1AM, and there was no way I was wanting to go out again after that. That being said, if there had been a hotdog cart, I'd likely have been all over that! :P A wedding I went to a few years ago, had hotdogs served inside around 10-11PM, as their late-night food. You could always go that route, vs a hotdog cart, to keep guests inside? I'd do that, vs renting the cart, if hotdogs were what I wanted. 

  • That's a good idea. We're looking at renting a hot dog steamer and pretzel holder/warmer. The prices for that are reasonable and we will have it setup for the last hour of the reception. 
    I think we definitely want a late night snack though since our reception wraps up at 11:30 and there aren't any places open after that for delivery except maybe some Chinese food. 
  •  Ya, I think having the stations set up inside is a great, & better idea! Guests can continue to enjoy the festivities, and grab something to eat as well. It's likely less expensive too! :)

  • I have seen a lot of things handed out when people are leaving the reception. Hotdog and pretzel cart at the valet, bagels for the next morning. I have also seen a pizza truck show up. They are always a big hit and people love the surprise. Don't tell your guests ahead of time. People will be talking about it afterwards.
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    Well my venue just told me not to the sausage cart :( Boo so I'm assuming that's probably a no to the pizza truck as well. Looks like we might be going with pretzels and hotdogs or we could have lots of pizza's delivered too. hmm..
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