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Changes at THEhotel this fall (including Mix!)

Awww, @Vegasgroom will be sad to hear that the time has come; they are rebranding Mix as THEhotel continues the change over to becoming Delano Las Vegas (the hotel portion appears to be opening in September.) 

Mix is due to become "Rivea" and should be opening later this winter. It will remain under the direction of Alain Ducasse with a French and Italian inspired menu. No idea on when Mix will be closing, though. Here's to hoping you can make it there for one last meal, VG! 

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Re: Changes at THEhotel this fall (including Mix!)

  • Hey Kazzy, do you know if it will still be Mix in early/mid Oct? Didnt make it there last year so was hoping to go this time.
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    I actually have no idea when they will be shutting down to start the renovation on the restaurant, I couldn't find that information online. I would stay glued to their Facebook page to see when (and if) they announce it, though. The news just came out today, so it will begin to trickle down. 

    If I had to bet, I would guess they will shut down before or just after Delano opens in September, though. :( 

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  • We were at The Hotel this weekend, sorry I didn't think to ask about Mix.    Hopefully they'll just rebrand Mix and it will open up again as something cool fairly quickly.  It's got awesome views!
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  • Yeah that's going to suck if we can't get one last meal there.  We're tentatively going back for July 4th weekend but it may be closed by then.

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    Aww, that really sucks, we had Mix in our plans for our wedding on 28th September, we were going to do the strip tour and then finish at Mix for a couple of drinks to watch the sunset :( 


    Would we be able to do the same at the Foundation room instead do you think?

  • Vegasgroom, we are going to be in Vegas for July 4th too! have you ever gone for that weekend, because I thought there would be tons of stuff going on and from researching online I am not finding much lol. 
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    @samlovvesyoumuah there's a big fireworks show set off from some hotel rooftops, there are pool parties, etc. but I'm not sure what else you are looking for that would be going on...
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  • Oh I don't know either really, it just seems like since its Vegas July 4th would be a huge event! hehe. We are staying at the excalibur for the weekend of the 4th, do you know where around there would be a good view for fireworks? I am not sure exactly where the show is. We were thinking about spending the evening at Mix actually.
  • I was there over the 4th last year (got married on 3rd). There wasn't much going on, I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I'm from the UK but I did think there would be more 4th of July events. We had a room with a balcony at the Cosmopolitan so we just watched the fireworks at Caesars from there. We could also see fireworks away in the distance in the direction of downtown and possibly Summerlin. I've only ever been to Vegas in July although not that specific week before, it's always so busy I didn't actually notice a visible difference in terms of visitor numbers. The Smith Centre did have an event scheduled for 4th.
  • Will be my first July 4th in Vegas; most of the time we tend to go only in spring or fall, although somehow I made it to Vegas eight times in 2012 lol.

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  • There's a pretty good fireworks show on the Strip, which is great either from a rooftop or a balcony. My mom swears by the top floor of the airport parking garage. Panevino on Sunset should have a neat view, as should Top of the World at Stratosphere.
    There's also fireworks at the locals' casinos (Aliante, Red Rock, Fiesta in Henderson, M Resort). My fiance and I tend to be out at Muffin Ridge, near Red Rock, to see fireworks across the whole valley. Black Mountain in Henderson also has a great view. Both of those locations are accessible by hiking only.
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