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Wedding Dieting

My wedding is in September this year and I'm curious what everyone is doing to look their best for their big day.  I haven't seen any posts about this so I thought I would put one up. 

Re: Wedding Dieting

  • We're getting married in September this year in Cancun. I've been doing HIIT treadmill work outs and incorporating strength training on my "rest" days. I use my kettlebell for rest days since it includes cardio and strength. It's also an all over body workout. 
  • I have been having a lot of success with just portion control.

    Lunch is easy, you can't eat more than you bring to work....I just bring a moderate calorie frozen entree (like Lean Cuisine or whatever is on sale) and a Greek yogurt for a snack.

    Dinner was killing me. I usually cook and I guess I just serve myself too much.
    We have started buying frozen dinners for automatic portion control. We do this for a week and then not for the next. I don't worry too much if there is a holiday or special occasion (we ate well on V-Day).

    I don't weigh myself, but I have definitely lost some weight. My dress won't need to be let out now.
  • I am doing my own version on Atkins, I am also taking garcinia cambogia (dr oz:)) I started jan 6th I'm down 13lbs have 7 to go before first fitting April 12th.
  • I have been using the app "lose it" it calculates how many calories you eat and how many you're allowed to eat per day. It's a lite annoying but worth it! I'm down 7 out of 10 pounds! I also drink a mix that is supposed to help with appetite suppression, weight loss, getting rid of water weight. It is water with lemon, lime, cucumber and mint leaves. Let it sit for about 30 mins before drinking it. I'm not a fan of drinking water but this makes it 10x better!! Also if you get frequent head aches you can brew some green tea and put lime and mint in it!
  • Oh also I found very good recipes at www.skinnytaste.com the portions are large but the calories aren't!!
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    I'm training for a triathlon. This has encouraged me to work out on the days that I don't want to more than the idea that I need to lose weight before my wedding. And, I cut out processed carbs and soda. 
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  • Weight Watchers! I started it 2 years ago, well before I got engaged, and have lost over 100 pounds. It's a great, healthy program that incorporates a real lifestyle, not just something you'll force yourself to do until the wedding.
  • SarahWins said:
    Weight Watchers! I started it 2 years ago, well before I got engaged, and have lost over 100 pounds. It's a great, healthy program that incorporates a real lifestyle, not just something you'll force yourself to do until the wedding.
  • I second Weight Watchers!  I lost 40 pounds (size 14/16 to size 6/8) almost 10 years ago and have kept it off. I still regularly go to meetings and it is definitely realistic and adaptable for your lifestyle.
  • Swim / Pilates / Juice Fast.

    Crocam68 thanks for the link. These recipes look great!
  • Weight watchers!!! It is not a fad diet and teaches you how to keep it off.
  • Put down another for Weight Watchers. I've been lifetime for 17 years. I've managed to maintain so I don't feel the need to lose any additional weight before my wedding. 
  • We are getting married in June (OH MY GOSH!!) and I've been doing Whole 30 which is basically clean eating (no processed junk, frankenfoods...) and feel great so far! FI and I started eating paleo last october and I've lost 14 pounds and kept it off.  Not strict paleo...more like primal so you can still have grassfed cheese and things like that.  So far, so good!  Also have upped walking the pup.  Good luck finding what works for you! 
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  • Medifast worked for me. I lost about 5 lbs the first week and then continued to lose about 2 - 3 lbs/week after that. It's pretty hard at first and you HAVE to drink a ton of water (which is good for you regardless) but once you get going it gets easier. 
  • I use this app called Noom for andriod or iphone and i love it! 
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  • I'm using the my fitness pal ap and doing Jillian Micheals 30 day shred and it's been going pretty great! 
  • I'm getting married in October and I have been crossfitting 4x a week, walking when I can, eating paleo and using Advocare 24 day challenge products check out my distributors website for more info! https://www.advocare.com/140454494/
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